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You buy a brand new laptop, and the first time you boot it up you are amazed at how fast it is. But then after a couple of years or even months go by, and before you know it, the laptop struggles to run even basic programs. What happened?

Well there are a lot of reasons why a laptop might slow down over time, but we have got a list of few things you can do in Windows that will hopefully get it running more like when you first bought it.

And don’t worry, these are all simple and free things you can do right now. Some of these might seem obvious, but others may not. So let’s start.

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  1. Clear out your Startup Programs

It is the number one reason for slowdowns over time. As time goes on and you install new programs, many of them make themselves start up with windows. And if you don’t close them, you will have an ever-increasing number of programs just running in the background taking up resources. But don’t think that just because you don’t see many programs in the taskbar that there are not many programs running in the background.

In Windows 8 and 10, you can open up the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, and going to the Startup tab to see all the programs that start up with windows. In Windows 7 and earlier, go to the start menu and run “msconfig” Right click and disable any that you don’t immediately need all the time.

You can obviously just manually run them whenever you want, but they don’t need to start up. Now here’s where most people face problem. Because the startup tab is not the end of the story. Because many programs install what are called “services”, which are still programs that run in the background, but you never see them.

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  1. Clear out your start up services

Go through the startup services and disable any of those you don’t need as well. You can do this by going to the start menu and running “Services.msc”. You will get a list of all the services, and any that say “automatic” will start with Windows. What you can do is right click them, and change startup type to “manual”, so they will only run when the program starts.

Keep in mind that you should be more cautious when disabling these, especially for programs that are not necessarily manually run by you.

  1. Scanning for malware and viruses

If your computer is always running slow for no apparent reason, it is possible there are hidden malicious software running in the background, doing anything from showing you ads to using your laptop resources in a bot net.

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Now there are both free and paid antivirus options, and free versions of paid ones. These include Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, and Malwarebytes. For paid programs, you can use Eset Smart Security. Even if your computer is not running slow though, you should have some sort of antivirus on your laptop.

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