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When we see a prestigious address on a business card, we all get impressed. It somehow increases respect and trust for the company. But what about a virtual office? A virtual office is a service you use remotely, is the location as important as a physical office? Would you be surprised if we say it is more important? Let us see in detail how.

A virtual office is an office where you and your employees don’t have to commute to daily. It is an environment designed to facilitate remote working. It replicates all the office facilities any business would need to work properly. Virtual office environments support remote working with these amenities.

You get a prestigious and legitimate business address. You also get front desk services that can handle your calls with your business salutation. This front desk service also includes mail forwarding for confidential mail. You get to use the conference rooms for meetings, conferences, and seminars. Standard office facilities like printers, scanners, photocopiers, video calls, computers, etc. are a part of every virtual office. 

The interiors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and as per the latest trends. This is to impress any customers that visit you for meetings. A cafeteria or a restaurant is also a part of the virtual office.

Is the location of your virtual office important?

The location of your business is very important. It is the first link and impression your clients have of you. A good location is not just a business status symbol but it helps your business in many ways. Since the virtual office is not the conventional office, we tend to undermine the importance of its location. 

A business address is one of the standard features that you get with the virtual office service. There are many other features but this is the basic one. This legal business address is what most startups are aiming for. The other features are complimentary. Because of the location, the startups can be in the league of the big sharks.

The location of the virtual office is also important for the scalability of your business. If you want to expand your business, opening a virtual office in the desired location is the smartest way to start. If you want to open a new branch in a new prime business area but don’t have the resources to do so, using this service is perfect to test new waters.

There are numerous benefits your business can get from the location of your virtual office. Not to mention that a prestigious business address looks impressive on your cards and brochures. The other benefits are listed below:

The right location for the right business:

One of the main reasons for getting a virtual office is to get a virtual office in a posh business location related to your industry. As a startup, you cannot afford to open an office at the most prestigious business location. But through the virtual office, you can do so and rub shoulders with big brands.

There are different locations suitable for certain businesses. Some businesses are best suited for industrial areas, others near the docking yards, while some should be present in business hubs. Getting offices in these already jam-packed areas is very difficult. The virtual office makes this possible. 

Consider how you would approach the businesses you want to work with? You will look up the areas suitable for those businesses. A prime location indicates a successful business that can be trusted. Clients also put their faith in such business and become loyal customers. Let’s admit we all change our opinion about a company after reading its address.

Get access to your target market:

The best way to utilize a virtual office is to rent one in a location easily accessible by your target market. Your customers will trust you if you are located in a prime location but they will like you more if you are near them.

Reaching out to the right target market is crucial for businesses and your location plays a vital role in it. When your customers want to buy a product or a service, they turn to the internet. From the list of the results, they will choose the ones located near them. That is the importance of the location of your virtual office. 

Treat your virtual office address similarly to your website address. A good online presence is what gets you recommended by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The location of your virtual office brings a similar impact. 

This location is not important for only today but also for future success. Every business has to make this choice, so try to do research before making it. 

Easy for yourself and your staff:

You do not need to commute to a virtual office daily. But you do need to go to meetings and conferences occasionally. If you choose a location that is unreachable for you or your employees then half of the purpose is lost. Choose a location that is accessible to both you, your employees, and your customers. It will be difficult but if you do it right, it’s a total win-win. 


The location of your business is very important, whether it is physical or virtual. Before picking up a virtual service, make sure you understand your requirements and target market completely. Once you understand your business, you can decide what you need. Make a list of all the virtual office services available in the area that suits your business. Pick the one in the location that has a saturation of your target market. This is the best way to make the right decision for your business.

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