Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Data-driven Marketing

In this present day hyper-connected, tech-driven age, data is all around and everywhere. Sector, niche, or even industry aside, if you are actually a modern business looking forward to engaging with your customers on a deeper level, data-driven marketing is a clear essential.  

In the absence of adoption of a data-driven marketing mindset, you are going to be shooting in the commercial dark. Unsuccessful to leverage the correct metrics and insights to your advantage, and your competitors—as well as your customers are going to leave you behind. 

The new age of marketing

The eCommerce, digital data, and online marketplace pioneer Scott Hirsch believes that in recent years, the quick evolution of digital technologies has altered the entire customer behavior significantly. The point is with the clear access to a wealth of information as well as services at the swipe of a screen or the tap of a button, today’s customers expect utmost possible transparency, value, and convenience from brands as well as businesses. They expect relevant and personalized engagement with your overall brand. COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified such digital behaviors and expectations. If you wish to look after your customers, then the transforming data-driven insight into worthy marketing communications is no longer an extravagance rather it has turned out to be a necessity.  Here’s how data-driven marketing may aid you offer your customers increased value today, tomorrow, and even that of down the lane.

  • Leveraging browsing as well as behavioral information to enhance the user experience on your apps, landing pages, and even that of websites.
  • Classifying inefficiencies in your marketing campaigns, channels, and even that of activities, while finding your strengths, resulting in more impactful, well-performed messaging.
  • Understanding what kind of content resonates with your audience through social media and when people are most probable to engage with you on particular platforms.
  • Attaining a deep and consistent level of insight that is going to empower you to evolve your messaging with your overall customers’ ever-altering needs.

During the covid19 pandemic, eighty nine percent of brands have launched a targeted marketing campaign. Though some have been wildly successful, others actually missed the mark.   One of the most main factors in the line between campaign success and that of failure is the proper usage of data. To give your customers what they really want, taking the time to listen to your customers is necessary, and data-driven marketing is going to help you do right that. 

Approaching your data-driven marketing activities

Now since you understand the power as well as potential of data-driven marketing, here is a quick look into the ways to explore your activities for better results.

Focus on personalization  

Not to forget that personalization may significantly enhance your marketing communications. More and more people are more probable to invest in a product or service from a brand that gets personalized experiences.  

Integrate sales and marketing   

In the present time, the roles of marketing and sales departments overlay significantly. While traditionally, every single department had a clearly defined set of aims and duties, an ever-expanding wealth of that of digital touchpoints (from websites and even blogs to apps, email, even social media channels, and beyond) means that both departments must act cohesively to nurture leads, come up with strategies, and create messaging in a manner that is value-driven and efficient.  


So, data driven marketing is going to be the must in 2022 and the years to come. Don’t miss out on hit for a fruitful timean ahead for your business.

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