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When it comes to gaming, internet speed is crucial. You might not comprehend why your gamer kid, parent, uncle, or grandparent is so unhappy with the inconsistent internet connection if you are not into gaming and/or do not know anything about broadband requirements. If you can watch your most favored TV show on Netflix without it buffering, then why can’t they enjoy multiplayer shooter games?

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This is due to a variety of factors. Let us begin by setting the scenario. Consider yourself in the middle of a battle with your pals while playing Call of Duty. Your team is only a few points away from winning, and time is running out. You unexpectedly notice an opponent player hidden behind a wall. You aim with your sniper rifle. Using the headset, you can hear your pals cheering you on. Your internet connection then goes down just as you are about to pull the trigger.

If this happens to a gamer, expect them to leap to their feet and scream profanities at the screen. What is the big deal about it? Isn’t the game supposed to be saved? Can’t you just reload the game and pick up where you left off?

No, because it is an online multiplayer game, which essentially means it has played with other real-life gamers in real-time. This means that if your internet goes down, you lose control of your character, making them exposed to attacks from other players. Enemies can simply shoot you, and they will most likely do so.

As a result, when you reconnect to the internet and log back into the game, your character will most likely have perished. Not just once, either: Call of Duty resurrects dead characters and transports them to a spawn place, which is not necessarily a safe zone. Players frequently camp near these points to kill any foes that spawn there as quickly as possible. Your team lost the game because you died several times while waiting for your internet to come back on.

Other examples

This is certainly the worst-case scenario but there are a few others that are high on the list:

Because your game is lagging, whenever you try to attack someone or something, your character slowly raises their weapon. However, because you were too sluggish, the opponent got to you first, and you died.

Because your ping rate is too high, you will be thrown off or not allowed onto a game server. Ping rate refers to your connection’s reaction time (i.e., how quickly you receive a response in your game after sending a request to do a specific action). The reaction is faster when the ping rate is low.

Anyway, when your internet connection messes up with your gaming, it getsquite frustrating. You need better internet unless you enjoy dying, losing games, and being ridiculed by your friends. So if you are also sick and tired of your unreliable internet connection, then we would recommend you to check out Optimum. With Optimum internet plans, you can enjoy a high-octane internet service with download speeds of up to 940 Mbps that too at affordable rates.

With this provider, you would be able to enjoy a faster, safer, and more reliable web experience. Now that you have understood the importance of high-speed internet for gaming, let us give you some suggestions.

Internet suggestions for gamers

This varies depending on the system and game, but in general (for reasons we’ll describe in the next section), gamers want…

  1. An Internet Connection That Isn’t Dial-Up

Dial-up connections are substantially slower than newer internet connections (such as broadband), and their ping rates are far greater than optimum for online gaming. Modern games can’t be played on dial-up since they require faster internet rates.

  1. A lower ping rate (often less than 150ms)

The shorter the time gap and faster the reaction, the lower the ping rate. As a result, your game will lag less.

This is dependent on the game you’re playing and the computer/console you’re using. Most current consoles, recommend a maximum of 150 milliseconds (ms). Because many game servers have ping rate thresholds, ping rates are significant. You can be instantly thrown out of the game if your ping rate is too high.

  1. 3Mbps Minimum Download Speed

The rate at which data is transmitted from the internet to your computer or console is known as download speed. since we need to download material (such as movies, songs, and documents) more frequently than we need to post, download speed is usually significantly faster than upload speed.

  1. A minimum upload speed of 0.5Mbps

The rate at which data is sent from your computer or console to the internet is referred to as upload speed. When it comes to gaming, symmetrical (the same) upload and download speeds are ideal, however, when it comes to uploading speed, download speed is more significant than upload speed.

Wait…doesn’t that mean I don’t need high-speed Internet to play games?

We have a good idea of how it should seem. According to the specifications given above, it appears that a mediocre broadband connection is sufficient for gaming. However, remember how we claimed that most gamers will require the above internet suggestions? This is correct. If you are only gaming and will not be utilizing the internet for anything else, the previous suggestions should suffice.

Nevertheless, let’s be honest. Is gaming the only thing you will be doing with the internet? Will you be downloading and/or upgrading other games in the background, or listening to Spotify at the same time? You are not going to watch a video game walkthrough on Twitch or YouTube. What about the needs of other members of your household?

The idea is that you are unlikely to use your broadband solely for gaming. As a result, you will need bandwidth that provides better gameplay conditions than the recommendations given above.

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