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The healthcare system in Switzerland consistently rates as one of the top five in the world and number one in Europe. However, it is funded entirely by the subscribers through the insurance premiums collected from the policyholders. But not to worry, we will discuss here getting affordable health insurance in Switzerland.


First thing first, please be informed that for every person whose stay in Switzerland crosses three months, they must take up at least the basic health insurance plan offered by an authorized health insurance provider.


The terms & conditions and the related premiums have a wide range of variations related to different plans offered by different policy providers. It becomes utterly confusing for a layman to identify the policy & the policy provider which meets their needs most effectively.


Where to Find Affordable Health Insurance?


In Europe, Switzerland spends the highest percentage of GDP (over 12%) on healthcare.  A healthcare insurance premium is charged for one a year, so you can change your insurance company if required every year. However, for making any changes in the package, notice is required to be given beforehand.


To find something, you search for it. Correct! So you do for getting affordable health insurance. Sounds tedious? It can be easy simply by going online and making a health insurance comparison in Switzerland. It will give you a comparable result on your screen. It will show you different plans, features, benefits, and prices. You can also ask them to send quotes, and they will send them for free.


You see, by comparing online is where you can get affordable Switzerland health insurance quotes. Select the one most suitable for you. Before you start your comparison, look at a few features and their benefits, which will help you make the appropriate choice as per your needs.

Switzerland Health Care Facts


Health insurance in Switzerland is divided into two parts. Basic health insurance is the compulsory one, which all must have within three months. The other is Complementary insurance, which is taken voluntarily over and above the Basic plan to get extra coverage.


What does Basic Healthcare Cover?


All private insurance corporations offer Basic health insurance. This basic coverage is identical across all Swiss insurance providers. You can find the following covered in the basic:

General check-ups.

Hospital visits including inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services,

Maternity care,

Rehabilitation services,

Dental emergencies.


General Treatments.

Certain medical aids.

Eye Care.

Some kinds of Therapies.

Under a basic healthcare plan, 80–90% of your medical expenses get covered.

Supplementary Health Insurance Plan


In addition to the basic health insurance plan, one can volunteer for a supplementary insurance plan available in Switzerland. It will be in addition to the compulsory basic plan.


Changing your Doctor Vist Modal


HMO: This is a discounted plan where you are confined to only using specified doctors and hospitals.


Flex care: With this plan, users can call a hotline for a complimentary consultation before visiting a doctor or hospital in person.


Premium: These plans are costly compared to the other two but include visits to private hospitals and specialists.


Select the modal as per your financial needs, the health of your family, and comfort.

Canton Based Discounts

About 30% of the population insured in Switzerland, consisting of children, young adults, and the elderly, are eligible for some specified discounts on their premium. However, the discounts offered to vary from Canton to Canton, and you need to double-check your eligibility for a premium reduction on the mandatory basic insurance. Connect with your municipality if not sure.

Splitting of Basic and Supplementary Plans

Even though splitting is a simple way of decreasing your healthcare costs, most insured do not take benefit of this method. People think that it will generate extra paperwork if they own their health coverage with separate providers. It is the main trouble with splitting; This may not be true. Just check for it. You might be getting some extra monetary benefits. And if you are doing it all online, then it falls in place quickly.

Bottom Line

Before you land in Switzerland or contact any health insurance provider, make sure you have a basic understanding of the health insurance system of Switzerland. Go online, make a health insurance comparison in Switzerland[Refer to English and Italian Version]. It offers an effortless solution for this: As part of the exclusive service package for supplemental health coverage, most of the sites do this work for you. Every year, it can find the most suitable insurer for you. It will also cover all the paperwork, from canceling your current health coverage to designating you with your new insurer. It saves you time, money, and effort.


Many health insurance comparison sites provide you with the most suitable recommendation according to your requirement, but precisely defining your requirements is the essential thing that helps you save your money on premiums. So while interacting with the comparison site, choose your options with the utmost care, and you are sure to get the best deal.

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