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Fuel is the source of the power of cars to be able to make them run, most fuels come in different varieties such as premium and standard fuels that can give more power to the engine some of them can clean the entire engine system wherein it smoothens the burning of fuel making it run smoothly and limits the wasting of fuel. Since most people nowadays own a car and has an on the go lifestyle which sometimes leads to mistakes especially when a person stops at a local gas station to fill up his/her tank because of the simple ignorance of the person who requests to have their tanks filled up without telling the gas station staff on what kind of fuel does his/her car needs to run, so the instinct of the staff is that he/she will need the standard fuel despite the car being usually filled with premium fuel.

Now after that scenario the vehicle has filled with the wrong fuel in the car, petrol in diesel car which can be very dangerous here are some of the steps to save your car from these precarious mistakes. 

Step 1: Do not start your vehicle completely shut it down or even put the key in the ignition system – any start of power inside the car can lead to the usage of the wrong fuel that could damage the entire engine which can leads to further accidents.

Step 2: Move your car into a safe area without staring at it – it is very important that you move your car to a safe area of the gas station so that mechanics and other personnel would be able to assess the situation and provide assistance to your vehicle.

Step 3: Call the insurance – explain to them what happen so that can provide you with certain guidelines in dealing with these kinds of unfortunate incidents to able to lessen the cost since having the wrong fuel can really lead to replacing the entire engine, fuel system, and filters which can all be very expensive.

Step 4: Contact a breakdown firm – in case the gas station does not have the proper staff in handling these kinds of situations it is better to call an expert to better assist you. 

But in certain situations wherein the driver did not notice that fuel being filled upon his/her car is wrong and drives it, the next most likely thing that would happen is that the car would get a breakdown and stop in the middle of the road. By instinct, the driver would just restart the car again but it would not have any response since the breakdown is not an ordinary way of the car shutting down, and restarting it a few more times would just damage the car battery adding more expense to the car.  

All these can be very expensive which it is very important to have insurance for your vehicle because it can really cost a fortune to replace all the damaged parts of the vehicle. But not all insurance covers wrong fuel injection some of it are under accidental damage which can be investigated for a longer time, some have misfuelling coverage which can be very helpful at times. In case you have contacted a breakdown service company these can be very helpful since they know how to handle these kinds of situations,

They will usually empty the fuel tank of the car to relieve the car of the wrong fuel which could take time and extra cash for the service, but if the car is still unable to start properly then it is best to tow and have them check in a depth manner to better see the damage that has occurred. To avoid all these problems it is better to have the fuel being injected into your car be supervised by you when you are filling up, attention to detail is the key to avoiding these misfuelling problems that can be very expensive despite having insurance coverage. 

Due to ignorance and lack of attention, these sort of mistakes can be very dangerous and lives can be put in jeopardy which is why in 2019 gas stations are instructed by the government to have their pumps labelled correctly to ensure that misfuelling would never happen again.   

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