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As anyone who’s ever tried it knows, making a long-distance relationship work is hard. One of the way a lot of people keep the flame of love ever burning in their long-distance relationship is connected sex toys. Since there are different types, there are also different use. In this content we’re going to see how use them according to each one. 

The use of the Hush Vibrating Butt Plug

 It’s so powerful that it will leave you quivering and shaking every time you use it. Both partners must have the app on their phones. 

The partner with the toy must activate Bluetooth on theirs and pair the toy to their phone, the partner controlling can then send a request to take control of the toy and over the data connection on the phone, send signals to the receiver’s phone to then relay to the toy. For your information, you can connect with multiple users, but you cannot connect with them simultaneously since you can only give permission to control your toy to one person at a time. So if you change partners you can change who has the app on their phone. 

It actually has stronger vibrations than the majority of other vibrating butt plugs currently on the market.  The Hush butt plug is one of the strongest vibrating plus on the market. 

The use of The Oscillating G-Spot “Vibrator” (Osci 2.) 

It has a patented oscillation feature that moves vibrations in and out – for unprecedented G-spot pleasure. You can start with the lowest setting and work your way up. You can use it for nude sex games.

You can start at the lowest setting and work your way up. The G-spot is usually very delicate, so try not to shock yourself by going too hard and too fast. Lest you be at least slightly turned off, but your mileage may vary with how you choose to use the toy in terms of intensity. If you make sure you use the app correctly, you’ll get exactly the kind of feel you need, provided you’re willing to search through every option available for customization.

The use of Svakom Ella Love Egg Vibrator

Svakom Ella is a discreet and an easy innovative vibrating bullet egg. Designed with 11 pleasurable vibration modes, let your boo adjust the intensity levels of the vibrations, just at the touch of their fingers. This powerful “love egg”-style vibrator can fit into underwear for clitoral play, or insert it vaginally for internal fun.

   Ella’s function-control button is at the end of the tail, rather than on the egg itself. So you don’t need to dig in to change speeds, if you’re wearing it vaginally for whatever reason, and want to change speeds the old-fashioned way—or if you need to power off suddenly.

The use of Clitoral Stimulator 

It provides touch-free stimulation of the clitoris in a way you have never experienced before. It is equipped with a plus/minus button which allows you to increase or decrease the intensity according to your needs in the moment. It has a sucking action. The only vibration you feel is from the mechanism that makes it suck. 

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