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A hybrid moving head nightclub light is a lighting fixture that combines a Hybrid spotlight, beam, wash or other special effects into a single fixture for an “all-in-one” nightclub light offering the best of both worlds.

The light show is a must when it comes to parties and evening entertainment. To perfect your fluorescent evening or your night show with shows and dances, integrate led moving heads into your lighting and light effects equipment. You can find different models of moving head projectors on the China Effect. And to perfect the luminous renderings of your lyres , do not hesitate to offer decorative accessories for parties and evenings on our specialized online store.

Installation of beam moving heads for pleasant and colorful lighting

The installation of light games is a maneuver to optimize the decoration of the party room. It is especially to create a pleasant and pleasant lighting atmosphere within the framework of the organization of an evening party. To do this, you can proceed to the purchase of a lyre beam on the China Effect. Which model to choose?

Beam moving head with white light

The beam moving head is an excellent choice for designing light shows during a fluorescent evening, a night show or a dance party. In addition to a follow Hybrid spot, contour Hybrid spot or multi-beam light, you can include a white light moving head beam in your night party lighting package

Acquire a white led beam moving head-on China Effect. This moving headlight delivers a stick-like beam. Choose between a lyre with one or more light sources depending on the dimensions of the party room, but also on the type of animation desired.

The beam-moving head can easily be controlled with remote control. The lighting lyre also includes an automatic lighting mode for easy management of the light animation during the night party.

The attractions of the moving head beam rgbw

You can buy a multicolored flight case moving head for a full color lighting effect from Yellow River brand. This product can be expensive. Nevertheless, you can get an rgbw lyre projector at a competitive price on the specialized online store China Effect.

The China Effect online store offers you models of lyres with one or more beams. If you opt for an rgbw model, you are entitled to a led-moving head with 4 distinct colors.

The rgbw beam moving head has a light animation system in auto mode. This lighting system can also be ordered with a dmx controller for an original and breathtaking lighting effect.

 Fascinating light effects with Hybrid spot led to moving heads

You can optimize and diversify the play of light with a Hybrid spot moving head. This lighting product for night parties delivers light with well-defined contours. The light beam is wider than that delivered by a moving head beam. The China Effect online store is your partner for finding models of Hybrid spot-led moving heads at competitive prices.

Moving head led Hybrid spot in various colors

In your quest for a  hybrid moving headlight, you can purchase your favorite led model online from the Yellow River store. This special kind of projector harmonizes perfectly with the 330 mW red and blue laser projector. You are therefore entitled to an original and captivating lighting system.

It is also interesting to buy a Hybrid spot lyre with diversified colors on China Effect. You can opt for an rgbw model with four colors namely red, green, blue, and white. There are also models of Hybrid spot LED moving heads with more varied colors than an rgbw light model.

Installation of Hybrid spot moving heads compatible with gobo wheels

When buying a Hybrid spot moving head on the rgbw online store, choose a model that is compatible with gobo wheels. Thanks to this parameter, you can place patterns of your choice on the light sources of your led Hybrid spot moving head. The device then delivers multicolored light beams with original and aesthetic patterns.

Installing gobos to the light sources of the quality Hybrid spot moving head is quick and easy. Depending on their thickness and color, the gobos can also intensify or attenuate the streams of light that emerge from the Hybrid spot moving head. Everything is calculated according to the desired renderings. 

Wash moving head lighting for optimal light ambiance

For an optimal and quality light animation, the lyre wash constitutes a quality lighting product. This device delivers a wide light capable of covering a large area. The contours of light are undefined and irregular. You can find high-performance wash lyre models on the China Effect online store.

Moving head wash led with white light

To delight your guests during a fluorescent evening, a dance party or during a night show, it is recommended to install wash lyres. These light sources make it possible to illuminate a large surface such as the stage, the dance floor, the DJ corner… This gives an unparalleled atmosphere throughout the party.

You can proceed to the purchase of a led lyre with white light on the China Effect party accessories online store. This type of luminaire provides intense and sequential lighting of the party area. You can control lighting and light flows using a powerful Dmx controller.

Multi-beam led wash moving head

To vary the atmosphere and to dazzle the guests, it is recommended to buy multi-beam led wash moving heads on China Effect. To do this, you can opt for an rgbw wash lyre. You can also choose a model with several light sources in various colors.

The multi-beam led wash moving head incorporates an automatic mode for the production and diffusion of light. You can punctuate the light flows with the music you play. You can also manage the beams of light emanating from your multi-beam wash moving heads with a dmx controller.

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