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If you feel Glizzy Meaning relates to Grizzly bears, you very well may be wrong. There’s nothing inappropriate about Glizzy however it’s a dog reputation for a “Hotdog”. Doesn’t helps make the sense? Yeah, we felt exactly the same.

Searching the “#Glizzy” on TikTok shows random photos and you may never guess at one glance what it may be. But multiple videos under this hashtag points that glizzy is simply a hotdog, or you will refer to it as “Glizzy Hot Dog”. There’s only a literal food waitress or along with a grilling staple.

The emerging slang test is entertaining and equally bizarre. Don’t believe that Glizzy just made an appearance from nowhere. It appears like far-fetched slang, however, it seems to connect with the shape and size from the Glock. Within the Electricity area, the term “Glizzy” continues to be getting used for warm Dog and Glock for a long time. Once the internet discovered this fact, they couldn’t resist. That’s the way the Glizzy Fever started…

The urban dictionary also relates Glizzy to Waitress Or along with a Glock. How much of an interesting world to reside in!


If you’re a TikTok user, you are able to uncover a slew of views where individuals is going to be talking about hotdogs as “GlIZZIE”. More surprising terms TikTok has tossed us upon are Glizzy Guzzler and Glizzy Gulpher. The embarrassing part is, individuals who love hotdogs are known as these names. However, we still can’t look for a sane need to call a typical Waitress Or a “Glizzy”.

While the majority of the videos on TikTok with Hashtag Glizzy (#glizzy) are harmless, there are several PG-related videos. So, parents should part of. Also it completely is sensible. However, individuals have always found something phallic about bananas and the like-formed food. Not to mention the HotDog.


Speaking concerning the statistics, the raunchy mixture of glizzies and bombastic humour, the Glizzy hashtag has greater than 700 million thoughts about Tiktok now. Plus, the hashtag “Glizzy Gobbler” has entered 200 million views till now. Take it easy, we won’t snatch the the term Glizzy Gobbler.

Actually, it’s just like Glizzy Guzzler and Glizzy Gulpher. Glizzy Gobler is the one that doesn’t have limits with regards to hotdogs and consumes these questions rather aggressive manner. Seems like a frightening man, IMO.


Junkee pointed out the slang term Glizzy has been created towards the Multi-National funnel ESPN. Don’t let contemplate it an achievement? However, the contestant Joey Chestnut of their show was known as the Glizzy Gladiators for impressively devouring 75 hotdogs in 10 mins. It happened throughout the 2020 Nathan’s Waitress Or Eating Contest.

Individuals from the Electricity area really are a bit disappointed using its use. They type of believe that individuals who haven’t developed calling hotdogs glizzies, shouldn’t be permitted to make use of this word either. But, it’s all over the net now. People on these apps possess the want such awesome words and today there’s no returning. There’s an opportunity might no way, but it isn’t going to take place anytime sooner.

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