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Family law Lawyer

If you are looking for a family law lawyer in Winnipeg, you will need to know what your lawyer can do for you. Family law is a very broad field of law involving all aspects of family life. Given the many legal aspects of family life, family law deals with adoption, divorce, child adoption, custody, child support, spousal abuse and inheritance, and property division. It is also responsible for administering paternity, appointing guardians, and conducting criminal law trials.

Adoption attorneys

Adoption attorneys represent couples who have decided to get married but have difficulty getting through the legal channels to get the necessary approval. Adoption attorneys also represent same-sex couples who want to apply for marriage but are denied approval. Civil lawyers deal with all matters between individuals and organizations, including employment issues, worker’s compensation, and other employment-related matters. Lawyers who specialize in family law also deal with adoptions.

Child support

Child support is a matter of family law that concerns a mother and father who have differing responsibilities for their children after a divorce. Fathers have custody and are responsible for paying child support. Mothers are granted visitation rights and often receive financial support from the father. The amount of financial support is determined according to the needs of the child. In some cases, the mother may also be granted spousal support to care for the child.

Dealing with relationships in family law

A family law lawyer will represent anyone from couples to people in the military to celebrities. There are many different types of relationships when it comes to family law. It can be one spouse filing for divorce or one spouse seeking custody of a child. Family lawyers will handle the intricacies involved in divorce process.

Common issues in family law

Some of the most common issues in family law lawyers will work with involve child custody, spousal support, divorce, alimony, prenuptial agreements, and other matters. Child custody is one of the most important issues to family law lawyers. It is important to establish which parent the child will live with, who will get the child support, visitation rights, and who will make the final decisions about their educational needs and religious upbringing. Alimony is another issue that family law lawyers deal with frequently. Family law lawyers also determine alimony, and they help their clients to draw up the best post-nuptial agreements possible.

Divorce cases

Divorce is yet another area of family law that family law lawyers defend and mediate. When a couple decides it is time to end their marriage, there are differences over what is to be done regarding their children. In many cases, family law lawyers help their clients draw up a divorce agreement that ensures both parents receive child support, visitation rights, and other assistance if necessary.

The terms of this assistance are usually specified in the divorce agreement. Once the agreement has been drawn up, the lawyers help their clients get it legally approved to ensure that both parents receive fair visitation and child support as ordered by the court.


When it comes to post-nuptial agreements, family law attorneys can assist with the drafting of the agreements, as well as helping their clients obtain the proper forms needed to file them. They also help their clients deal with any issues that arise in regards to child custody and visitation.

Such as how to obtain late-night status with the custodial parent or how to change the terms of a prenuptial agreement should the circumstances change (i.e., the victim leaves the relationship, the victim and the accused are no longer married, etc.).  A family law attorney can also advise their client on alimony and child support matters, such as when to file for a modification to the terms of the agreement or whether or not to seek child support from the opposing party.

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