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Search engine optimization is a great marketing strategy that helps businesses become more visible on search engines. It involves several distinct strategies like local SEO, link building, local SEO, citation building, content marketing, keyword research, and website optimization. A good SEO strategy will help you rank high on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page. Research suggests that most organic clicks go to the top three or four links, which means SEO is a very important marketing strategy to invest in. 

The best way to get a high-ranking position is to hire an SEO consultant in Kolkata. Here’s a look at what a consultant will do for you:

  1. Conduct an Audit

Conducting an audit is the first thing any SEO consultant does before they start working on a project. They use sophisticated analysis tools to scan your website and online presence carefully to understand its current state. During the audit, they uncover information like website ranking, page authority, quality of backlinks, dead or broken links, ineffective keywords, poor website performance, and more. 

The audit will highlight your website’s strengths and weaknesses. The consultant will know what they need to work on and proceed accordingly. An audit allows an expert to develop a detailed plan of approach based on the current state of your website. 

  1. Conduct Industry Research 

Once the audit is complete, the consultant will start working on industry research. An SEO consultant in Kolkata has two major sources of information for their project. The first source is the website and the client’s company data. The constant will extract all of the required information from these sources during the audit. This data is often called small data and is taken directly from the client. Just relying on this information isn’t enough because the consultant will lack the important details needed to create a comprehensive and nuanced campaign. 

Most experienced professionals will seek big data sources for information on your industry, target demographic, competitors, industry trends, and more. Big data can give an unbiased perspective on the client’s company and industry, which is useful for planning detailed marketing campaigns.

  1. Budget 

Once the SEO consultant in Kolkata knows what you need, they will come up with a budget and a plan. Most SEO companies provide detailed packages that include everything you need to establish a strong marketing campaign. However, you can also hire a consultant on retainer and get a customized solution based on your company’s unique requirements. The quote provided by the marketer will typically include all expenses involved. You can ask them questions about every aspect of the estimate during the consultation. A good consultant will be straightforward and answer your questions without hesitation. If they don’t communicate openly and honestly, consider getting another professional for the job. 

It is a good idea to get quotes from multiple vendors and compare them before hiring a particular consultant. Look for things like hidden costs, exemptions, and additional expenses related to the services.

  1. Come Up with a Strong Plan 

Once you approve the budget, the consultant will start working on a concrete plan of approach for SEO. They will look at all of the data collected and determine what kind of techniques they need to use to improve your online presence. An experienced SEO consultant in Kolkata will always focus on providing the best value to their clients instead of trying out every marketing technique available to them.

For example, if the client company is based in the real estate industry, an experienced SEO professional will invest in strategies that work for real estate agencies in particular. 

  1. Provide Regular Reports

A good SEO consultant in Kolkata won’t stop working after the project is live. They will use sophisticated analytics tools to keep an eye on the active campaigns to ensure they’re performing according to expectations. They will also provide detailed reports regularly so you can keep track of the campaign’s progress. 

A good SEO consultant in Kolkata will help you with all aspects of this marketing strategy. They will also provide honest, straightforward advice so you can make the right decisions regarding your campaign. Look for highly-rated and experienced professionals to get the best results from your investment. 

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