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Learning some useful phrases in French will come in handy the next time you go on vacation in Paris. And the good thing is, you don’t have to learn every other phrase and word in French to get along with people there. This article will take you through useful phrases in French and the best way to learn them easily.

10 Most Useful French phrases

You’ll make your vacation less stressful and more exciting once you learn these phrases.


  •         Bonjour – hello
  •         Merci beaucoup – thank you very much
  •         Combiençacoûte? – how much does that cost?
  •         Oùest…? – where is…?
  •         S’ilvous plait – please
  •         Excusez-moi – excuse me
  •         Comment vousappelez-vous? – what’s your name?
  •         Oùsont les toilettes? – where are the toilets?
  •         La carte/le menu, s’ilvous plait – the menu, please?
  •         Je t’aime – I love you

The Best Way to Learn French Phrases 

You may find it daunting as a total beginner to learn these phrases on your own and learn how and when to use them. However, you can learn such French phrases effectively by enrolling on a virtual class to learn online.

With an online class, you can interact with a French teacher or French tutor who will guide you throughout the process. Fortunately, your teacher or tutor will assess your skill level and know how to personalize your online lessons.

Benefits of Learning French Online

Learn from dedicated teachers and tutors. As a first-timer learning French, you may find it challenging to learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar rules, and sentence formation. French language may have additional consonants and vowels not available in your native language. Luckily, a teacher or a tutor taking you through virtual classes will come in handy. They’ll tailor-make your lessons so you can learn smoothly and with time.

Interact with other learners. When you learn French online, you can interact with other learners and learn more through talking. You’ll also compete with each other and set targets to enable you to learn quickly.

Enough time to practice. Your lessons will run for 30-40 minutes or so every day, and that means you can have enough time each day to practice how to pronounce words and construct French phrases.

Learn at your pace. You can learn at your convenient place and time, and if you get fully immersed, you may study more than French phrases and words. Since you have other things to attend to, you can make a schedule to help you work at your pace.


How soon do you want to start studying French phrases as you prepare for a vacation in Paris? Luckily, italki will help you learn the language in real-time. We’ll connect you with our French teachers and French tutors so you can learn and start using French fluently.

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