Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
View Insta User Stories

Want to stalk your friend? Looking for a way to evade the Instagram story viewer list? Instagram allows you to peek into anyone’s life, as the app is all about putting your daily moments on the platform through pictures, videos, and even plain text content. One feature that is loved and used the most is Instagram stories. Stories on Instagram house some of the most fun content. But whenever you tap and play any story on Instagram you are instantly enlisted in the Instagram story viewers list. The other person now knows that you watched their Instagram story. At times we do not want this to happen, but the question is how? This blog helps you confer ways to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Use airplane mode

If you wish to view a person’s Instagram story anonymously, one way to do this is by using airplane mode. Instagram has some pre-loaded content and stories; these can be viewed in offline mode. Whenever you do not have a connection to your internet you can still watch this content. Hence if you wish to watch Instagram stories anonymously, simply open Instagram and then turn on airplane mode, this cuts off the internet connection, and now tap and play any story. You can view initial pre-loaded stories and you would not be enlisted in the list also as there was no internet connection while you were watching the story. But this can help you view only the stories that are pre-loaded and not all the stories.

Third-party applications

The safest and the best way to safely view an Instagram story is through a third-party application. When you view Instagram stories on a third-party platform you cannot be enlisted in the viewers’ list. you can view all the Instagram stories anonymously and without the trouble of making multiple accounts or difficulty in loading stories. Instagram story viewer is a third-party app that helps you view Instagram stories on their platform anonymously. One of the best Instagram story viewers is StoriesIG. StoriesIG is an API-Powered AI technology software that fetches any Instagram story using the username that you enter on the StoriesIG app. It asks you to feed in the username of the person whose story you wish to view anonymously and then displays all the Instagram stories of that user. You can simply click on the story and view it anonymously, you can even download the Instagram story by tapping on the download button over the story. The app works completely free of cost and allows you unlimited data and download.

Finsta account

      Wondering what Finsta is? Finsta is an acronym for a fake Instagram account. You can make a fake Instagram account using a different ID and username and then watch Instagram stories anonymously. Now when you play any story it would enlist your Finsta name rather than the original account. This can cause suspicion in the mind of the person whose story it is but has no proof to back that it was you. You can even ask one of your friends for their account and then view the story with this account, though this is time-consuming it still works.

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