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Within this pandemic situation of COVID-10 Corona Virus, the T-mobile wireless network supplying clients are joining hands with lots of other wireless providers. With this particular new initiative, the motive of the organization would be to provide relief to customers through the pandemic. With lots of other comforts, the organization is providing a choice to upgrade MetroPCS phones during Covid-19.


But When and how You Are Able To Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

Why Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

The T-Mobile owned company, Metro offers many best monthly rental plans. All of the plans include limitless calls, texts, and knowledge. Before upgrading, you should check your needs. Furthermore, you could add acquire some capabilities obtainable in the Metro Computers plans, that are affordable but still active.

In 2015 MetroPCS merged with T-Mobile, and all sorts of metro Computers phones users were migrated towards the company’s LTE network. The merger affected that old handset users whose metro Computers phones were unable interact with the most recent wireless LTE band. Consequently, it grew to become essential for old users to upgrade Metro.


How you can Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

How you can Upgrade MetroPCS phones? The up-gradation process isn’t so difficult, and in addition it won’t take such a long time to accomplish the procedure. T-Mobile, release and add many additional features for it’s new and old users. The present subscribers can avail a few of the latest MetroPCS upgrade phones effortlessly. However if you simply aren’t Metro Phone user, you’ll be able to still carry the deal by buying a brand new MetroPCS phone.

Lately MetroPCS by T-Mobile folded out many offers because of its users together with many new smartphones and big discounts on other available MetroPCS Phones.


What’s the Eligibility Criteria to Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

When you buy any MetroPCS phones, you instantly get qualified to upgrade every 3 months after activating the telephone, as much as four occasions annually.

Should you still wish to change your phone before 3 months, you will want to pay for the entire price of the chosen handset. It is possible anytime only with the My Metro Application application.


How Metro by T-Mobile Is Answering Coronavirus?

Everyone knows concerning the pandemic of COVID-19 has effects on the lives of everybody. But the organization provides some respite by supplying many offers for example limitless worldwide calls, Limitless data, extra hotspot data for the following two several weeks. Doesn’t it seem exciting and provide some respite within this tough situation? Let’s read further and discover just what they’re offering.


HotSpot Data:- Any T-mobile wireless plan including mobile HotSpot Mobile data are qualified to get an additional 10GB of hotspot data monthly for the following two several weeks.

Worldwide Calling:- The organization is supplying free calling around the world but that’s just restricted to some selected mobile and landline figures.


Mobile Data:- Customers whose plan incorporated limited data will get limitless data for the following two months.

Metro Stores:- All of the authorised metro stores are temporarily closed situated inside the inside malls. Other stores or authorised dealers located in remote areas are getting limited hrs of operation or perhaps be closed entirely until further notice.

Benefits and drawbacks of Upgrading MetroPCS Phones


There will always be some benefits and drawbacks of upgrading cell phones as they are utilized easily and incredibly rapidly from your user habits. However when you customize the phone, you usually play the role of extra careful while handling. Let’s read and discover what good and bad perks you receive like a user.

If you are a iPhone lover, you’ll be able to choose T-Mobile services with closed eyes, simply because they offer all iPhones in the iPhone 6s to probably the most recent iPhones, the 11 Pro Max. It’s indubitable that Apple offers iPhone models with internal storage which matches as much as 512GB. But Metro just only sells iPhones having a max of 64GB storage.


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Certainly, you’ll need extra space to keep data. But the truth is iPhones with less memory are less costly when compared with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB, ultimately T-Mobile is allowing you to spend less money.

In situation you exhaust storage and you want more space you’ll be able to always purchase a cheap iPhone to USB memory drives that are easily available for sale. Which will help you to have just as much storage as you would like for a small fraction of the price.


Much like iPhones, Metro by T-Mobile also gives its users a choice to select their favourite Android smartphone. You can purchase the costly Universe S10 , or purchase the less expensive Alcatel 7 it’s all as much as your decision. You’ve multiple high-finish, mid-range, and budget Android phone options available result in the chances high to obtain the right Android smartphone of your liking.

If you’re one of individuals individuals who think spending $$$ on smartphones is simply a waste of cash because mostly we use phones for calling and texting. However, you always finish up having to pay an excessive amount of amount due to misguidance by sales rep then T-mobile allows you in deciding. T-Mobile doesn’t just offer cheap plans when compared with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, but the organization offers a range of greater than 15 phones under $200.


The 15 cheap smartphones include older models such as the Iphone 6s Plus and newer ones, such as the 2018 Samsung Universe A6.

If you upgrade MetroPCS phone, you will not have any trade-in credits to renegotiate deals, and you’ll also need to pay an up-gradation fee combined with the full cost from the phone that you simply choose.


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However, if there’s a continuing promotion on the telephone that you simply select to upgrade to, then you’ll entitled to the discount and trade-in credit for this as lengthy as it’s been 3 months as your last MetroPCS phone purchase. It can make it a great step about upgrading at Metro by T-Mobile because existing subscribers take presctiption high priority to obtain promotions and deals, while other wireless providers reserve this sort of purports to attract new clients only.

If you’re pleased with your cell phone and shouldn’t put money into a replacement, then you definitely can join T-Mobile (Which is called Take The Device) without purchasing a new phone. But, before you take it to T-Mobile always make certain that the mobile works with their mobile systems or otherwise.

For switching to T-Mobile without purchasing a new mobile, it is important to possess the Wireless Number Portability. Through which you hold on to apply your very same telephone number when relocating to Metro PC.


You should check compatibility by finding your IMEI number or serial number and inputting it within their database. You’ll find IMEI number in 3 ways:

o          Dial *#06# in your mobile phone.

o          If your handset includes a removable battery, you’ll be able to think it is printed in the label beneath your battery.

o          Look using your phone’s settings about phone menu.


Once you’ve found IMEI number, types into Metro by T-Mobile’s database. That will explain in case your phone works with or if you want to buy a replacement.


Should you had a deactivated or locked metro phone, you receive three choices to unlock or activate

1.In-store, meaning you choose to go to a Metro Computers phone store in your area.

2.Online Activate MetroPCS phones or unlock MetroPCS phones, meaning you’re going to get the aid of the Metro Computers phone expert over their official website.

3.On an appointment, in which you contact the client care support team around the figures that are around on their own official website.

If you wish to upgrade MetroPCS phones online, then you need to simply stick to the rules as pointed out earlier and terms and condition of upgrading Metropcs phone.


How you can Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

o          Go to and login for your requirements with your telephone number as login id then go into the password.


o          Click on “upgrade device.”

o          Now select a handset that you simply such as the most adding exactly the same for your cart.

o          Now you will be requested to pick an agenda (Always select plans according to your needs). MetroPCS provides a 2-year plan or No annual contract after selecting click “Add to cart.”

o          Before looking at, you’ll be requested to include a protection plan, include that and click on “Continue to next thing.”

o          Review available accessories you may like and click on “Continue to next thing.”

o          Review the transaction and selections you earn and click on “Submit.”

o          At the final point, you need to take a look at and select delivery options then click “Submit”. Woohoo! You ought to be ready now!


Metro by T-Mobile Mobile Phone Deals May 2020


Deal #1 Family Plan Deal: 4 Lines for $100

If you’re in sudden will need a Family plan which should include everything, then don’t miss this excellent deal. This deal provides four lines of limitless data, talk and text just for $100/month. Furthermore, each member of the family can get 5GB of hotspot data monthly and 100GB of Google One cloud storage. It is really an in-store offer, but nonetheless, it can save you 100$ each month when you purchase this plan of action.


Deal #2Free Samsung Universe A20

To seize this deal, you have to change to T-Mobile out of your current wireless carrier and instantly after joining you’re going to get a totally free Free Samsung Universe A20 smartphone. Universe A20 provides a wonderful 13 megapixels camera and every one of its wonderful features especially because its not necessary to pay for just one cent to obtain this smartphone and you may save 239.99$


Deal #3Free LG Stylo 5

If you value the tech concepts of LG mobiles you’ll be able to change to Metro by T-Mobile to obtain one free of charge! To change to T-Mobile you need to simply perform the formal documents and spend the money for relevant taxes as well as your account activation fee, this awesome phone is going to be yours!


Special Note:- Existing T-Mobile subscribers aren’t qualified with this deal.


Deal #4iPhone 7 just for $29.99

Yup, you see clearly just what it is presented. You can aquire a completely new iPhone 7 whenever you drop your present company and join T-Mobile. To assert this deal, you have to visit an authorised MetroPCS store. This deal totally worthwhile should you not wish to pay full cost but badly deeply in love with Apple phone as possible save $350 since the regular cost of iPhone 7 is $399.99.


Deal #5$120/month for 4 Lines of Limitless   Amazon . com Prime

Doesn’t this deal seem too best to be believed? But it’s true. To seize this fantastic deal, you have to change to T-Mobile and obtain four lines of limitless data just for $30/line! Is it not awesome? Let suppose for those who have several four buddies and also you always enjoy being in contact with one another.

The initial cost of this is $60 and in addition it includes Amazon . com Prime Membership for those people. Additional features of the plan include 15GB hotspot, high 35GB data deprioritization threshold.

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