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Can your sleeping position provide insight into your personality? While the actual science behind the process may be unproven, some scientists say yes it can. What does your preferred sleeping position say about you?

The Freefaller

Freefallers lie on their stomach, with their hands by their head and their head turned to the side, mimicking the position of a skydiver.

Freefallers do not take criticism well and have the tendency to be brash and bold. They are often outspoken as well, but can be very sociable. According to research, this position seems to be favored by Gen-Xers and Millennials.

The Fetal Position

People who sleep in the fetal position lie on their side with their knees bent toward their chest, curled up like a baby. If you sleep in the fetal position you are in good company. More than 47% of people prefer this position, and it is even more common among women.

Folks who sleep in the fetal position are sensitive, and perhaps shy and introverted. Interestingly, this is the position favored the most by people with advanced college degrees.

The Yearner

Yearners also sleep on their side, but with both arms stretched out in front of them.

Yearners are open-minded but cynical and can be slow to make decisions. Once a decision has been made, however, they tend to stick with it. More Boomers are Yearners than any other age group.

The Log

If you sleep on your side with both arms straight down, you are unusual. The log position is only favored by 6% of sleepers.

You are easy-going, social and trusting. You are also more likely to describe yourself as being healthy than any other group.

The Soldier

The soldier sleeps flat on their back with both arms down by their sides. Not very popular, only 11% of sleepers choose this position.

Soldiers are quiet and reserved. They tend to hold both themselves and others to very high standards.

The Starfish

Starfish lie on their back with both arms over their head by their pillow. More men than women choose this position.

Starfish are selfless in nature, always ready to help others or provide a shoulder to lean on.

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Health?

The position you choose to sleep in can tell a bit about your health, both how you are feeling during the day before you go to bed and how the sleep position can affect your health the next day. If you sleep in a position that does not benefit you consider trying to reposition yourself when you can. To help yourself fall asleep in a new position consider putting a few drops of lavender oil from a reputable company like Young Living essential oils on your pillowcase to leverage the power of aromatherapy.

Side Sleeping

SIde sleeping is often the most recommended position by health professionals since it can help relieve snoring and improve digestion. Sleeping on the right side can make indigestion and acid reflux worse, however, so try to sleep on the left side if you suffer from those maladies.

Sleeping on your left side is also recommended during pregnancy, as choosing this position is associated with improved health for both mother and baby. In addition to reducing heartburn, it can help promote blood flow and decrease uncomfortable pressure.

Stomach Sleeping

Sleeping on the stomach may help relieve chronic snoring and can be beneficial for people who suffer from sleep apnea. However, this position can put pressure on the neck and lower back. It also misaligns the spine and can cause pain during the day.

Back Sleeping

Back sleeping can relieve pressure in the eyes, a boon to glaucoma patients. For the acne-prone, lying on their back keeps their facial skin away from pillowcases that can trap oil and bacteria and worsen breakouts.

For people with sleep apnea, however, sleeping on their back can cause the airway to become blocked more easily. Side or stomach sleeping can be healthier for these folks.

Sleep With a Partner? What Your Shared Position Says About Your Relationship

A couple’s sleeping position can reveal quite a bit about their relationship. Since your subconscious rules your sleep, your sleeping position can provide insight into how a couple really feels about each other.

The Spoon

Spooning is the most well-known sleeping position for couples, but not the most common since only 18% of couples choose it. For those that do, this position indicates that the relationship is protective and loving. Couples that sleep this way are comfortable with each other and with the intimacy that they share.

The Loose Spoon

The Loose Spoon is The Spoon with some space. Don’t let those extra few inches fool you – this position shows that you have been together long enough to fully trust one another, shown by the fact that you don’t need to constantly touch. This couple is confident in their connection and has true intimacy.

The Unraveling Knot

This is another position that is typical for couples that have been together for a long time. In this case, a couple begins the night in an embrace but “unravels” during the night into sleeping separately. Although only 8% of couples favor this position, it may be indicative of the best blend of intimacy and independence in a relationship.

The Back Kissers

Back Kissers fall asleep back to back with their spines touching. This is a common position with 23% of couples choosing it. Couples who sleep this way want to stay connected to each other but are also independent enough to want their own space in the bed. Often this is either a new couple who does not have trust issues, or a long-standing couple who are relaxed and comfortable with one another.

The Liberty Lovers

Liberty Lovers sleep back to back with space between them. Although it appears that this couple is disconnected, the opposite is true. For the 27% of couples that sleep this way, the position tells them that their relationship is solid and they feel secure. This couple is happy to spend the day doing things alone, but is excited to reconnect and share their stories at the end of the evening.

The Shingles

Made famous in film and television, this position is where one partner lays on their back and the other partner rests their head on their shoulder. This position allows one partner to “protect” the other, and shows that they are confident in their relationships and in each other.

The Stomach Sleepers

If a couple both sleep on their stomachs, they may want to discuss their relationship. Sleeping facedown protects the front of the body, and may show that the couple feels the need to protect themselves in their relationship. This position can indicate anxiety, vulnerability or a fear of losing control. It does not indicate any level of intimacy.

Unlocking your personality through your sleep position may or may not be scientifically sound, but it certainly can be fun.

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