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Like your pet cat or dog, the trees on your property also need attention and care. But unlike our vocal animal friends, trees cannot speak or voice out their concerns. You need to have an observant eye to know the hints that they give you. From the application of arboricultural methods like pruning, and trimming to the felling or thinning of trees, we got you covered. If you are unsure how your tree is doing, you can contact Palmetto Tree Service or your local arborist.

A Leafy Business: Pruning

You must be thinking that cutting off the tree’s branches will not benefit the tree. The thing is you might want to think otherwise. There are a lot of benefits to this approach once you do it right. Usually, we do this method for the following reasons: better health, form, aesthetics, and safety. 

Pruning also promotes better fruit and flower production. It can also boost shrubs and other yields.


You can also give trimming a shot. But before you do, it is a must that you know what it actually is and how it works. The thing with trimming is that you do it mostly for the aesthetic appeal of the tree. What happens is that you trim the branches and other parts to achieve a shape.

The Right Tree At The Right Time

Pruning depends on the type of tree that is on your land. Doing it at the wrong time can leave you with an unwanted result. It can also result in the death of your tree once you are not careful. You can get away with pruning in the summer on most deciduous trees and shrubs. Plus, you can remove any dead branches and leaves at any time.  


Treat The Roots, Not The Branches

Soil and root management are crucial to the growth and development of trees. You can achieve this aspect with the main goal of maintaining the soil components and enriching the quality of the soil.

Speaking Of Soil

Soil has up to five ingredients – minerals, soil organic matter, living organisms, gas, and water. We can divide them into six main classes:

  • Clay 

Clay has good water storage qualities and holds onto nutrients. You can also compact clay with ease.

  • Sand 

 Sand has difficulty holding onto water. But you can add and till it into organic and clay-rich soils. Doing so will help with root development and drainage.

  • Silt 

Silt encourages water retention and air circulation. In addition, it is good for growing crops.

  • Peat 

Peat is a spongy substance that retains water and nutrients. It provides nutrients constantly to the plants.

  • Chalk 

Chalk is an alkaline-rich, stony soil. However, it may lack several minerals such as manganese and iron.

  • Loam 

Loam is soft, dry, and crumbly, and it is often recognized as the best soil because of this aspect. It also has good drainage but still retains moisture.

Utilizing Tree Support Systems

A tree support system is how it sounds. It is a technology that supports various parts of a tree. You can use it to assist and support a branch, leader, or an entire tree. You can use a tree support system to help mitigate any potential risks a tree may have. Such risks include structural and property damage, injuries, and so on. 


But the thing is that a tree support system cannot handle all of these risks. What you can do is get in touch with an arborist. Such a professional will assess how deep the problem is before it gets worse. Here are some of the available support systems:

  • Cables

A cable system will restrict the distance that branches can move in relation to each other. It is a support system that does not require a lot of components.

  • Propping

Propping makes use of props. These props work to provide support to a wide trunk or branch. You can also set props up to give way to the clearing.

  • Braces

Braces or braces rods work to prevent a leader from spreading apart or moving in an undesired direction. You can also utilize a brace to hold a branch that may split anytime soon.

  • Guying

Guying is the process of setting up a cable from a structure and then connecting it to a tree. The process helps reduce unwanted tree movement. Not only that, but it can also provide decent tree development.

One More Thing

It may be a bit complicated to learn how you can take care of your tree. But doing so will allow you to deal with any problems that may arise. Learning proper tree care also improves your knowledge of trees overall.

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