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Because sweepstakes are not globally played, it is normal if you haven’t heard of them yet. However, whether you already have information or not, you will learn what they are and the well-known Top 5 sweepstakes in 2022 available on casino platforms with this blog.

What are sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes games are recent years’ popular casino games that award prizes to the winners. These games began in the lottery game format meaning that they were related to the products that responsible platforms should sell to people who have player accounts. Under US laws, the sweepstakes are considered games without any purchase required to enter and win. Nowadays, sweepstakes in the USA are primarily used to reward current customers in marketing promotions. In addition, they are adequate to draw attention to the product. In case of someone wins, that person will be determined not by skill but by luck and chance.

There are various sweepstakes games that you can enjoy playing anytime you want. Below we gathered several popular and TOP games in recent years. If you are a game fan, you will most likely enjoy them!

Fortune cash

As one of the popular games, this one is considered an excellent game choice for online casinos, interactive clubs, and internet cafes. The Riversweeps Platinium platform offers Fortune cash. There are various other types of sweepstakes games presented on the platform. You can play whatever you want, depending on your game taste. Fortune cash is perfect for those looking for fun to spend time with online slot games such as a sweepstakes game. You start the game by tapping the button, ready to play. Once you start, the symbols will appear in different positions on the reels. If you can match proper combinations, you will win. The result of your play depends on how much effort you put into the game. In other words, the more you play on the platform, the more experienced you will be with the game. Playing several times and gaining experience is what increases your chance of winning. Let’s not forget that there are bonuses available on the Fortune cash. That’s why many people love and play this game.

Wolf Reels

Wolf Reels is a well-designed video slot game. If you want to get money and enjoy it simultaneously, this one will be an excellent choice for gamers like you. You may think Wolf Reels is quite similar to the other sweepstakes games offered by Riversweeps Platinium. But it is distinct and perfect from the design perspective and sound effects. Let’s not forget the bonuses this game offers. If you win, make sure to be aware of this beforehand. There are four types of winning: red, silver, gold, platinum. As the player passes the steps, he earns money and different bonuses. As a result, you won’t regret it if you choose this game to play as it increases the chance of winning more prizes every time.

Stampede Fury

This game is one of the sweepstakes games that attract online casino gamers. It is a buffalo-themed game offered by Chumba Casino. You will get free spins if you can land three or more Buffalo Scatters. In addition, there is a Fireshot Jackpot that awards three or even more spins if you achieve six coins.

Fireball Keno

This game is another popular sweepstakes game among online casino game lovers. Fireball Keno is one of the Vegas7games that help people gain a lot of money. If you focus on your timing and strategy, and with the help of good luck, you will earn money even when you are resting. Be ready to get a lot of bonuses and prizes. Fireball Keno is the source of motivation in terms of bonuses. You won’t get bored due to the exciting theme of it. There are wild animals, including dragons, waiting for you to play!

The Rich Life

Are you ready to have fun by playing slot machines?! The Rich Life is a great choice, then! We make sure that you will be pleased and get adrenaline with this game. The rich life is one of the sweepstakes games designed very well to have an easy and friendly interface to play the game. Due to this game’s rich technical asset, it has special gambling conditions. With their help, it is much easier to earn profit and various types of prizes and bonuses. Additionally, your regular wins don’t require any risks.

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