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Great Music Production

Pursuing a career in music production is undoubtedly a great option. Many people in India are so determined to become music producers that they start taking online music lessons from their homes. Not only the online lessons are convenient as per their schedule and flexibility but also enhance their creativity and capability to become a music producer. 

If you’ve chosen a career in music production, then you can get the best advice from those who have already established themselves as successful music producers. But, reaching them is extremely hard as they don’t have enough time to sit with you and discuss potential career options. However, if you manage to follow some great music production tips, they will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your flexibility, confidence, and future workflow. Here are the top 3 great music production tips for beginners. 

Create Contrast

If you’re focusing to develop a dynamic track, consider creating contrast. Remember that the music listeners aren’t just hearing the words or tune coming from the speakers at the moment, but they also listen to the context of the music that played a couple of seconds ago. Hence, if you want to make the chorus loud, decrease the volume of the lead section. If you want heavier bass that would blow people, remove all the bass elements that come before the heavy bass moment. And if you want your audience to focus more on the synth lead, make your other musical instruments narrow. The context of the instruments is as important as the musical instrument itself. To establish yourself as a great music producer, consider consulting music production courses in Mumbai

Sculpt Your Sounds

To implement all the necessary instruments in the mix, you might have to reduce some of the specific frequencies from certain sounds using an equalizer. If you have two instruments that develop similar frequencies, your mix might become irritating to the ears. However, reducing the level of one frequency over another will solve this problem. For example, if you feel that the bass is being reduced due to the frequency of background music, increase the frequency of bass and decrease the frequency of background sound. This will maintain the pitch of the song while also maintain the overall bass. As per Homemusicmaker, music is extremely important in our life.

If you don’t know the proper place to cut frequencies, make sure you use some advanced musical software. They will help you to know the perfect location to cut frequency. 

Use Distortion When Mixing

If you want your instruments to stand apart from a crowded mix, you should use distortion as it’s one of the best tools to achieve this. Distortions plug-ins such as Trash 2 will help you to develop great and unique sounds, but speaking of mixing, they might not help you massively. The distortion created from saturation or an exciter will implement harmonics to your original sound that can help the music to get a strong punch. Make sure you use the Exciter tab to improve the quality of your pianos, synths, and guitars. 


These are the top 3 great music production tips for beginners. Now that you know the basics, it’s time to apply them in your next projects. If you have any questions, make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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