Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Whenever you get some free time in your day, make sure it is spent right and well. Today, the routine of the majority of the world is densely packed with essential chores for home and business. But it is highly recommended to have at least half an hour free and uninterrupted by the worldly chores. Human mind and body need some rest since, as a machine wears off quickly if run without any break, similarly fatigue will wear off your physical and mental energy. So, what to do when you have that free hour of your day? 

Engage with television:

Even though the technology has introduced many smart devices and smart TVs, the trend of a linear TV is nostalgically significant. Knowing that a show will run at a specific time of the day can help to regularize one’s routine and make oneself available at that time. Linear televisions come with a broad range of untargeted ads that run in the portions between your favorite show that might provoke you.

 Your free time can be consumed while watching the television shows which are broadcast on a single channel at a specific time. Even if you do not have a tight schedule, traditional television is a good device to be entertained with a variety of talk shows, movies, dramas, news and informative documentaries that are broadcast on the original channels. These TVs may not have a much louder volume due to the inbuilt speakers, unless you manually connect them with a sound system. 

Be happy in your own company:

There are a lot of people in the world who always like to be in the company of other people, even in their free time. Man is a social animal. Socializing with different people is beneficial for a lot of purposes but once in a while, one should stay in the company of no one but himself. That’s what we call ‘me time’. Do not be overwhelmed by thinking that being with yourself only can be boring. Since, you can spend that time watching your favorite show on TV or smartphone, meditating, thinking about strategies to achieve future goals or even realizing which habits or people you need to cut off for a better lifestyle. 

Adopt at least one hobby:

By mentioning the word ‘hobby’, make sure it is something that requires physical involvement. A hobby cannot simply be engaging with a television but something aesthetically pleasing like baking, painting, any sport of your choice which simply offers you a sense of pleasure. 

Learn a new skill:

If you get to have free time quite often, you can invest in learning something new, something that intrigues you. It can be anything related to your academic or professional life, for instance; learning a new software.  It totally depends on your age and area of interest accordingly, you might be interested in learning a new language, or practicing new workouts for a healthy lifestyle, or simply trying a new dish, starting with a new season. The goal must be to do something different than the rest of your daily routine tasks and chores that keep you engaged.

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