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Finding an office for rent can be difficult with the limited options that online sources provide. If you’re interested in an office for rent in Kuala Lumpur, it’s best to contact a few brokers who have experience and expertise in finding these types of spaces. This will give you the assurance that your business can be found by potential tenants and sold at the right price. It will also lead to your space selling sooner than later, which means you’ll save money on monthly rent.

Tips to find an office to rent

  1. Location of office

Location is obviously a big factor when it comes to renting office space. You need a space that’s easily accessible to your target audience and customers. The easiest way to do this is to find one near the area you plan on marketing towards, whether it be business owners or students in the area near campus. This will also lead you to have a higher chance of signing a longer-term lease so you don’t have to worry about moving again in the future.

  1. Size of office

Office size is important not just because it needs to fit your business, but also because it will affect how much the monthly rent is going to be. Space is expensive, and if you’re looking for a large space that can fit more than one office, it won’t just be the monthly rent amount that’s going to be up there.

  1. Amenities

Office for rent in Kuala Lumpur comes with a lot of extras these days, ranging from utilities provided (like electricity and water), to having your own personal parking space if you wish. This can add up to a high monthly cost of renting an office space in the long run, so make sure this is an option you have before making an offer on something like this.

  1. Staff

The more staff you’re going to have, the more it’s going to cost you per month in rent. If you plan on having employees, make sure you think of the office space (and the money it will take to run) from a larger scale before signing any lease. Having staff also means that you’ll have an increased marketing budget for your business – so if this is something that interests you, be sure to plan ahead!

  1. Price of furniture and equipment

Office furniture and equipment can be costly if not chosen wisely before making a purchase. Make sure you look around at the type of space your rental office will be in first before purchasing anything expensive. Sometimes you can negotiate with the landlord if you choose a specific type of desk or chair that matches the style of the building, for example.

  1. Security

Having the right security measures in place is important when it comes to finding an office space. Even if you plan on having a small business, anyone can walk in and take something that’s not theirs. Make sure your landlord has a lot of security measures in place (locks, cameras), or else you’ll be footing the bill for any missing items as well as extra insurance fees!

  1. Cost of utilities

Many office spaces leave out water and electricity costs because they want to make the monthly rent seem cheap for potential customers, but this is going to affect your bottom line in a big way.

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