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Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. With the money you spend on this beautiful dress, your beautiful flowers, your love space, and many other things related to making your day beautiful, you want your memories to be recorded to reflect your personality and style.

Different photographers take different styles, and it’s important to break down the marketing tone and exaggerated vocabulary to find what fits the look of your wedding photos.

I’ve listed 3 cheap and basic wedding photography techniques available today, although in most cases a photographer can take multiple styles.

Traditional wedding photo

Traditional wedding photos, such as private wedding photography or sometimes called old wedding photography, such as exchanging rings, signing a wedding letter, traveling as a couple, family groups, and cake cutting includes unforgettable moments of your wedding day. name a few.

Weddings are still legal and this type of wedding photography has stood the test of time. With careful lighting and traditional wedding photos, the experts will set a great record for meeting your family. A skilled photographer can work quickly and make it easy for people to make sure your situation doesn’t look unpleasant.

These are the types of images that mom and grandmother expect to see in wedding photos and can often be displayed on walls or a window sill.

Traditional asian wedding photography bristol is sometimes a bad name for stunning or angry photographers or photographers who take years to photograph an endless group of brides and grooms and spend more time in front of the camera and less time with their guests. has wedding their day.

Mention wedding photos

Reporting sometimes referred to as marriage photojournalism means “reporting”. The photographer covers the background and spends the holidays when they happen, and you often don’t even see the photos taken.

This type of photography is very difficult to do. To conduct such a marriage requires many years of experience and a quick response to electricity.

This style should not be confused with Asian wedding photography and photo booth for sale, which is well done if the photographer has a natural and dirty look to the image.

The growth of wedding photography reporting seems to be in line with the growth of digital photography due to the cheapness of the reporting method for each image. Unfortunately, many young or inexperienced wedding photographers use the “shoot” option to take thousands of photos on their wedding day in the hopes of getting a great photo.

Warning: If you choose a photographer who specializes in this style, many couples will regret not having traditional photos in their albums. With the wedding photos mentioned above, you can rely on the decision of the photographers of your day. Parents who got married first complain that there are no traditional images in your album.

Picture from today’s wedding

Modern wedding photos, sometimes called Avant-Garde, can mean a lot to different people. By definition, at the same time, the style is constantly changing, which does not mean that the images will fall in love quickly.

Today’s wedding photos can contain unusual or “off-the-wall” ideas and use unusual camera angles. This type of photography enhances the photographer’s image and many personalities in visual acuity or style. Although this style is not the most popular, if done correctly, the results can be beautiful and your wedding album will be unique.

Most wedding photographers use modern photography in professional photography awards and you will always see this style in bright wedding magazines.

The disadvantage of this type of wedding photography is that it does not give real information about your wedding day. If all of your albums look like art shows, you may be disappointed.


Once you’ve booked a date and location, visit the photographers first and see their work. 

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