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As more businesses are declaring their commitment to sustainability, the benefits of renewable energy for businesses continue to grow. Solving energy problems is much harder than finding car scratch repair cost. Solar power is one way that companies can save money on electricity costs and at the same time be leaders in sustainability. If you’re thinking about switching over your electric utility provider, then it might be worth taking a look into solar power before making any decisions. In this blog post, we will explore five reasons why solar power may make sense for your company!


Solar power lowers operating costs

.The first benefit of solar power is that it can lower your company’s operating costs. One way this happens is through the federal investment tax credit (ITC) which allows businesses to deduct 30% or more from their annual taxable income for installing a solar energy system. This helps offset the high initial cost of going solar and provides an immediate return on your investment.

Solar energy also lowers utility bills by providing a reliable alternative to the power grid. With renewable solar energy, business owners have greater flexibility and can provide their own electricity even during an outage with batteries which store excess solar power generated from the day’s sunshine for use at night or another time when there is no sun available.

Utilities are now offering renewable energy with fixed rates that help ensure your solar system will be providing electricity to you at a certain rate for years. This is known as “ third-party power purchase agreements (PPAs).” By contracting with another entity or company, businesses can lock in lower electric rates and receive the benefits of clean energy without the hassle of owning and maintaining panels.


Solar power is a way to bring in new customers

Open your doors for business, increase foot traffic by promoting solar energy, and help create a community around sustainability that will benefit everyone involved! Customers are becoming more conscious about their environmental impact on planet Earth. If you’re already taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint then it makes sense for them to do the same, and that’s where you come in. Be a leader of change by promoting eco-friendly solar energy!


Solar power helps you stand out from the competition.

More companies are making commitments to be more sustainable and if your company is one of them, then you’re already ahead of the game! If you want to separate yourself from your competitors and reach a larger audience here is where solar power comes in.

There are many benefits that come along with going green; why not take advantage it? Solar energy has become an attractive offering for businesses because they can use their rooftops to generate their own power and receive a discount on their utility bills. Customers are becoming more conscious about the environment, so going green is good for your business!


Solar energy can be a key part of a company’s marketing strategy to attract new customers, stand out from competitors and build brand awareness.

Business owners should take note that solar power is one of the best ways to ensure that your company will have more energy security.

According to an article on Forbes, some companies are using their rooftop space for solar panels and in turn receiving free electricity from the sun while at the same time safeguarding their budgets from unstable utility costs! If you’re interested in switching over to solar power as a viable option for your company then you should contact us at SunSource today!


Solar energy helps businesses save on their utility bills

One benefit of going green is that it can lower costs and help companies stay within their budgets. With the federal investment tax credit (ITC) business owners have 30% or more of their annual taxable income deducted for installing a solar energy system. This can help offset the high initial cost and provide an immediate return on investment (ROI) by lowering utility bills even more!

Solar power also helps businesses save money in other ways, such as through fixed rates offered by utilities that will ensure your solar systems are providing electricity to you at a certain rate for years to come.



Businesses across the globe are seeing the advantages of eco-friendly power, including savings on utility bills by providing a reliable alternative to the power grid and marketability in terms of standing out from competitors and attracting new customers through solar energy marketing. Solar energy is also one of the best ways to ensure energy security by safeguarding your business from unstable electric costs.


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