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Direct Debit Payments are an essential part of contemporary life for the vast majority of consumers and companies. It is only growing in popularity as a payment option. It is even included in the Cambridge Dictionary and the Collins Dictionary! According to extensive research published in 2017, 9 out of every 10 persons in the UK with a bank account have at least one direct debit for health and fitness.

Furthermore, more than one-third of all combined families had more than six Direct Debit payments. What we’re trying to communicate is that this isn’t going to turn off customers. For most people, Direct Debit is an engrained and accepted part of daily life.

Enabling your members to pay their gymnasium membership fees by direct debit provides like Ezypay has several advantages for both your business and your customers. Let’s look at the top five.

Recurring Transactions that are Automatic for Enhanced Cash Inflows

Direct debit transactions are established to be collected on the very same day every month, so you always know when funding is flowing in. Direct debits also enable your customers to organize and budget for their repayments, lowering the chance of missing or incurring a late fee and resulting in greater transaction success rates than alternative payment options. Once it has been set up, your member won’t have to move a finger, and you’ll have more assurance about your money.


It is critical to select a billing service that is FCA-accredited. The FCA’s stringent safeguarding regulations strive to keep your assets safe. If your billing source is FCA recognized, you may have peace of mind knowing that your membership payments are being collected in a safe and reputable manner.

The administration is reduced.

Direct Debit payments are automatic and digitally handled. Because it is all done for you, this lowers documentation and prevents time-consuming rapprochement. You may not have to keep a record of which individuals have contributed and which haven’t with direct debit payments.

When your direct debit collecting solution is completely connected with your club administration system, you save a large amount of time since all of your invoicing data is immediately accessible. This implies that you are made fully informed of every member who has fallen behind on their payments, allowing you to handle the matter immediately with the member.

Furthermore, you have total control over your subscriptions, allowing you to rapidly modify the position of any member, such as freezing them if required.

Reasonably priced

When compared to handling card transactions, Direct Debit is a relatively cost-effective payment option. Because direct debits are automatic, you will save time tracking repayments and pursuing members.

Selecting a decent club management solution with combined invoicing and membership administration will be groundbreaking, as this will not only spare your time but will also allow you to keep track of the status of each member’s accounts in real-time.

Sign-up for new members is quick and safe.

Because they are quick, convenient, and safe, direct debit transactions enable you to expedite your member signup procedure.

Direct debits also enable a paperless procedure and function well in conjunction with Electronic Signatures Technology, making it simple for your customers to establish direct debits and confirm their registration online form or even in application, allowing you to remain ahead of the competitors.

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