Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Many benefits come with using social media like wanting to establish relationships with people from all walks of life, wanting to share your life experiences, increasing your visibility, wishing to educate yourself more, and looking forward to connecting with others. There’s also the aspect of remaining informed about what’s going on around the world or what’s happening with hobby interests like the Kentucky Derby 2022 event.

But with so much to take from it, there’s equally just as much negativity to associate with the use of social media, especially from a psychological and mental point of view. With so little guidance and regulation in place to protect parties and help users exercise healthy ways to maintain a healthy relationship with social media, a lot tends to go wrong. Many people are likely to suffer from issues like being unable to tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t, developing a fear of missing out, and gradually becoming more dependent on social media as a coping mechanism to reality.

So, with so much going on together with the social pressures that many are finding from using social media, it’s no surprise to find people feeling the need to take a break from social media now and then. But in some extreme cases, deleting social media as a whole sometimes doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. So which is best?

In this article, we will be providing you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision on whether you should take a break from your social media platforms or delete the platforms as a whole. If you’re keen on wanting to know more, stay glued to your screen.

When A Break Is Suitable

Deleting your social media account can seem rather extreme, so you can opt to take a break while you make up your mind on what exactly you would like to do. As much as social media can have a love-hate relationship with the user, time away from the platform can help you develop healthier ways to use your social media account when you realize what triggers you. For instance, perhaps you can consider unfollowing organizations, brands, influencers, and peers that you feel trigger you or have you generate any negative and unhealthy emotions.

But if you happen to be experiencing the following instances as well, you can start by distancing yourself from the platforms for a while before deciding to delete the account. These include:

  • Realizing that you spend a lot of time feeling the urge to be on social media
  • Becoming irritable and aggressive when someone seemingly interrupts your time on social media
  • Allowing social media to get in between your social, professional, and romantic relationships
  • Knowing you’re supposed to be busy with something more important but choosing to be on social media instead
  • Being too confident that you have your social media usage under control
  • Feeling like you find joy and fulfillment only when you’re on social media

When To Delete Your Social Media

Sometimes, certain instances can call for you to feel the need to delete your social media. If you happen to be experiencing one of the following, then perhaps deleting the account is the best step. This includes:

  • Wanting to start a new social media account for a fresh start
  • Noticing that social media is starting to negatively influence how you see yourself in terms of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem
  • Feeling the need to constantly compare yourself with others
  • Feeling as though social media is distancing you from those close to you in a negative and excessive way
  • Developing unrealistic habits that make you live a life that’s different to what your reality looks like

The Steps To Take

Most virtual and interactive platforms will allow you the option to take a break from your social accounts or delete them permanently. There’s usually enough information to enlighten you on the terms and conditions that apply to either decision. However, you will receive all the support you need in whichever decision you choose to go by. Customer support channels and help centers are usually of great help in instances like this.

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