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Have you ever given up on eating at a restaurant because the food takes a long time to be ready or because there is always something on the menu missing? Your customers feel the same way when their expectations are not met.

Companies increasingly need to find methods to increase their productive efficiency or develop some competitive advantage over their competitors, or the market will swallow them up quickly. Good supply chain management reflects an increase in its efficiency and, consequently, a rise in its customers’ satisfaction.

Supply chains are increasingly complex and, therefore, innovative technologies and solutions are being used to help the exchange of information and knowledge, ensuring more efficiency and effectiveness. 

Supply chain solutions at are automated, which results in greater alignment, interconnectivity, and collaboration among all involved, optimizing inventories and reducing costs.

Why supply chain solutions are ideal

The importance of a well-planned and structured supply chain is shown in the impact on the company’s three decision levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. These impacts can be summarized in four points: 

Meeting deadlines

Well-organized steps lead to a more fluid flow, making transport and distribution to the customer within the stipulated time and agreed between the parties. In this sense, frequent and effective communication is essential to ensure the necessary fluidity in the processes.

Cost reduction

Once all internal and external steps are planned and organized, it becomes easier to reduce costs and potential risks, anticipating possible problems and solving them without much expense. 

Customer satisfaction

This is the main objective of every company. A well-organized supply chain makes it possible to satisfy the customer by meeting deadlines and increasing the quality of what is delivered to them, adding more value to the experience.



A well-managed supply chain also contributes to the sustainability of the business in its broadest sense, involving not only environmental issues but also social and even legal ones. 

Visibility and control 

A connected supply chain operating with a single view of purchase orders, shipments, and shared digital inventory and processes provides the visibility needed to increase speed and agility and respond to disruptions quickly and efficiently. 

The supply chain solutions at PCI, through its global network of control towers and state-of-the-art technology, can dynamically monitor and react to situations such as additional loading or unloading, or heavy traffic, which means your goods are always traveling the most efficiently route.

A supply chain management solution must include ways to increase all the logistical steps that lead to end-customer satisfaction. They are: planning the balance between supply and demand forecast; selection and relationship with suppliers; product manufacturing; product storage; product delivery; return of the product by the customer, if necessary; and customer service.

Bottom Line 

And you, entrepreneur, have you been paying attention to your organization’s supply chain? Were your company’s supply chain processes all integrated? For an organization to remain at the top, it must always be attentive to its internal environment and all those involved in its production process, making the necessary adjustments and even replacements when necessary.

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