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Everybody like funfairs, because fairs always act as a clear burglary our daily schedule. No matter whether it’s inside a game or real existence. Within the role-doing offers like StarDew Valley, fair and festivals allow us to to feel more resided. In Stardew Valley fair is really a festival that can take place every Tuesday, i.e. the 16th of Fall each year.


As with other festivals from the valley, you’ll obtain a notification concerning the StarDew Valley fair via a pop-on the left side from the screen.

If you’re prepared to attend StarDew Valley fair with Sebastian, Leah or Abigail, then it can be done simply by entering Pelican Town between 9:00 am and three:00 pm. Should you leave the StarDew Valley fair among, then you will be came back for your farm at 10:00 PM.


Do you know the Date, Location and Duration of Stardew Valley Fair?

o          Date – 16th Fall

o          Time – 9am to 3pm

o          Location – Pelican Town

o          Return to Farm at – 10pm


When it’s a festival day, you cannot type in the Pelican town until 9:am. Throughout the event, you cannot connect to the homes and shops situated outdoors the city square.


By going to the festival, several games permit you to earn ??Star Tokens. These token works are currency hanging around later you may also exchange these against prize at a shop, that is near the entrance towards the Bus Stop. At any given time you are able to hold just 9,999 tokens.

Acknowledge the truth that each year you can buy only one item in the shop through the StarDew Valley Fair. Accordingly, the utmost token which you’ll spend 3,400 (1,400 Star Token, for those who have already spent some to purchase Stardrop).


The stock from the shop is going to be filled again the coming year, aside from the Star-drop since you can get it just once.

As StarDew Valley fair is really a yearly event, so each year you receive a opportunity to showcase nine products of the farm in Grange Display contest to earn additional star token. When you’re prepared to have fun playing the competition, mind towards the mayor Lewis.

Once listed, you are able to get your products once his judgement, Should you leave the items behind, then these is going to be lost forever as automatically they won’t go into the inventory.

At northern the fair through the fountains, you’ll find Gus cooking survival burgers. To nibble on burgers to refill your time bar. Bear in mind the bar will not be noticeable until exiting the festival. The stardew valley Fair festival ends immediately whenever you leave the pelican town.


How you can Participate and Win big within the Stardew Valley Grange Showcase Contest

When you’re prepared to showoff farm-created products competing, go and consult with Mayor. Within the display, you are able to only showcase nine products at the same time. Within the contest, you will be challenging Pierre, Marnie and Willy.

Once Lewis, start knowing these products, you are able to explore the fair, because he will take a moment to determine each box. As he finishes knowing, you will get a notification. After you have the data, you need to go and speak with him to get your prize.


Fair winning prizes are listed below:

o          Dried Sunflowers – 100 Star Tokens.

o          Fedora – 500 Star Tokens.

o          Rare crow – 800 Star Tokens.

o          Stardrop – 2,000 Star Tokens.


Quick Tip:- Just submit five products in grange display to prevent shedding just one point, but it might be recommended that you could fill all of the spots as well as have the ability to collect all of the products so that as many points as you possibly can.

To improve your general game points, you may also attempt to submit one item from each category.

The caliber of your product or service ought to be first class, because greater the standard greater what exactly.


You will find eight groups that you could submit products for:

o          Animal Products.

o          Artisan Goods.

o          Cooking.

o          Fish.

o          Foraging.

o          Fruits.

o          Minerals.

o          Vegetables.


After finishing the grange, you’ll get the rewards according to your winning position. For example.

o          First Place – 1,000 Star Tokens

o          Second Place – 500 Star Tokens

o          Third Place – 200 Star Tokens

o          Fourth Place – 50 Star Tokens

o          Disqualified – 750 Star Tokens


If in some way, you do not have the ability to win the big event and Lewis disqualify you. You’ll be able to prank or blackmail him by putting a particular mayor’s crimson boxers inside your box. In so doing lewis will end up embarrassed and he’ll pay out additional suggests keep your secret.

During or following the event, the mayor will request you to return his item the following day. However, I counsel you to definitely hold onto the boxers since you can continue doing this same trick in next StarDew Valley fair. Take it easy, it will not harm your friendship, or else you also won’t lose any points by playing a prank with him.


Trick to Win in the Fair in StarDew Valley

This trick is nothing tricky and many important, if you wish to earn some quick coins. To earn coins visit the wheel of fortune within the fair, within this wheel you are able to bet Star tokens in. Essentially, it’s a roulette wheel and you may earn coins when the colour you select pops up.

Though stardew valley game is furnished in a manner that the orange colour doesn’t show up 3 occasions consecutively. Came from here the actual trick starts, you have to place small bets before you get orange colour two times consecutively. when you are getting orange colour two times consecutively, you can put a massive bet around the eco-friendly colour and you’re sure to win big because it has 75% likelihood of landing around the eco-friendly.

We are certain that these methods will certainly meet your needs, but when in some way it normally won’t work. Then don’t lose your horses, since these games are for entertainment and simple to win.

Furthermore, in case your pockets are filled with coins, then you can also buy token from the Token Seller. If you choose to obtain him, a single Star Token costs 50 coins. till it is now the easiest and quickest method to earn Star Tokens, it’s probably the most costly in StarDew Valley Fair.

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