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Sometimes, you may feel that what the local SEO agency is talking about. There are so many glossaries used by them, that we don’t understand. So, here we are giving you some of the most commonly used terms being used by SEO agencies.

  • Re Marketing

Re marketing can reach those who have visited the website. For example, all visitors to a website, visitors to a particular page (s), or visitors to an online store who have added a product to their cart but did not purchase it. Re marketing can be done through social media channels as well as through the Google Ads advertising tool. For re marketing, the ad can also be implemented dynamically, i.e., the user will see the content of the ad in the products/services he has browsed on the website.

RLSA, Re marketing Lists for Search Ads, 

Re marketing can also be done on Google’s search engine, allowing the user to target a different keyword ad after visiting the website.

  • Marketing ROI, ROMI and ROAS

ROI (Return on Investment) is a measure of how much money invested, or capital has returned a return to a company. The terms ROI (Return of Investment) and ROMI (Return of Marketing Investment) are used in marketing, the former being a general term and the latter referring more to marketing. ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), on the other hand, tells you how much money you put into advertising has brought back revenue to your business. The simplest formula is to calculate the return on advertising, but if there are a lot of other costs involved in implementing the advertising, they should be taken into account when calculating overall profitability.

Marketing ROI, ROMI and ROAS


The campaign has spent € 2,000 and sold € 25,000. Other costs related to marketing can also be taken into account here, for example, the outsourced partner’s fee of € 1,000 would be calculated ((25,000 – 2000 – 1000) / 3000) * 100 = 733%

An example is ROAS, in which only advertising costs are calculated. Sales through advertising € 12,000 and advertising costs € 2,000, in which case this would be calculated at 12,000 / 2000 * 100 = 600%.

  • Element

Groups are a way to bring together users who are interested in the same topic. These groups can be created on some channels (e.g. Facebook & LinkedIn) and groups can be created on the website in a password-locked section (e.g. online coaching). The group can be closed or public, be managed by a business page, and/or involve topics that connect users, such as hobbies, work, or networking.

  • Saved Audience, recorded audience

An audience created in the social media advertising tool that is saved for later use. The recorded audience includes the demographics and interests of the target audience. 

  • Placements

Placements are placements you choose through the advertising tool. For example, a Facebook advertising tool can add a newsfeed ad, a right-handed computer view ad, an Instagram in-stream ad, an ad in Instagram stories, or Facebook Messenger or Messenger stories. Similarly, in LinkedIn advertising, placements can be selected as advertising in the news feed, text ad at the top of the news feed, image + text on the right side of the computer view.

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