Tue. Nov 28th, 2023
Simple Author Box Review

If you want to highlight your writing on your site or perhaps highlight yourself as an author, you will want to use an author box. It is a functional box located below each post and provides more information about the author of the article.

There are many reasons to use the author box, and some of the most important are:

– You can display detailed information about the author of the article, blog, or any content on your WordPress pages

– Your visitors will always know who is behind a post, so your posts and articles will be authentic

– Page credibility rises to a higher level

– You have the opportunity to provide more information about the author of the content, and you can add the ability to connect the author with visitors through various links for social networks that can be found within the author box

– Ability to search for content from only one author and read what a particular author has written.

The author box can be added to WordPress sites in many ways. Some WordPress themes come with an integrated author box. The most common way to add an author box to pages is by installing a plugin.

Today, one of the best author box plugins is the Simple Author Box plugin. You can get a free version of this fantastic plugin from the WordPress repository.

The commercial version has many more advanced options.

Some of the most advanced options are:

– Social Network Support – there is a possibility to add links for more than 40 social networks to connect the author with readers

– Author Box Tabs – You can sort content by tabs considering titles, niches, and so on

– Guest author – if any of the content is published by a visitor, then you can mark that visitor as the author and assign him an author box

– Colors – there are an unlimited number of ways to customize the look of the author box by changing its color

– Support – Simple Author Box plugin has excellent support. There are several ways to contact, through official websites or e-mail.

As already mentioned, the Simple Author Box plugin has a free version that you can download from the WordPress repository. If you opt for the commercial version, you have three membership packages.

The first is Personal, and it costs USD 39 / year. It is intended for use on only one blog.

The second is Team, and its price is USD 69 / year, and it is possible to use it on three different blogs.

The third package is Agency, and it costs USD 99 / lifetime and can be used on 100 different blogs.


Using the Simple Author Box plugin, you will better connect with your visitors. There are many other reasons to use an author box. Many commercial themes come with an integrated author box that you can use. However, if you want a plugin solution, then we recommend using the Simple Author Box plugin, which you can customize and make it look just like your WordPress site. Since this plugin is powerful and cheap, you should definitely add it to your collection.

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