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PRINCE2 or Projects in Controlled Environments remains one of the known project management methodologies across the world. PRINCE 2 is among the most known and credible methods that help in enhancing your productivity and extracting some of the best from the known resources. The PRINCE 2 Course often focuses on four different elements of Prince 2. These include the following:

  • Principles
  • Themes
  • Processes, and
  • Project Environment

With these features in the certification, it has become the key project management method in today’s competitive world. Also, it helps in managing the product delivery along with the product-based planning approach, which further can help in cracking the certification. You can learn how to manage the product delivery along with the product-based planning approach that remains involved in effective project management. The Prince2 Foundation Certification Training course has all these elements that allow you to crack the certification in one attempt. Seeking Institutes like KnowledgeHut, where management professionals can make things work.

The Certification Overview

The Prince 2 Foundation Certification course will help you learn the way you can manage and tailor projects as per the environment around you. It can further help you in developing a competitive product-based planning approach for many more projects and then regulate the use of different resources and effectively even manage many more issues like the project risk. Once you complete this project, you will be well versed with the ideas and concepts of Prince 2 and can have some solid foundation to advance you to Prince 2 Practitioner. We know PRINCE 2 Foundation as a designation, which comes from AXELOS to professionals who are willing to showcase their understanding with the help of passing the exams and then validate the expertise like project management professionals. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, PRINCE 2 will help you get an edge over your Tech Toolbelt.

These certifications like Prince 2, Prince 2 Foundation, AXELOS, Leading SAFe® 5 Certification and Prince 2 Practice remain the key trademarks of AXELOS Limited. These are under the company called AXELOS Limited. The Swirl logo remains the key trademark of AXELOS Limited and it is employed under the ideas and validation of the company. PeopleCert remains a registered trademark coming from PeopleCert International Ltd. It is a sole Examination Institute that remains the delivery point of the same. The certification can help the management professional to work in corporate, government groups, multinational companies, public sectors, and private individuals. Seeking groups like KnowledgeHut can help you get you subject matter experts who have ample knowledge and have insight about the given topics. All these experts help in adding some valuable and memorable learning environments.

Why Prince 2 Foundation Certification

The foundation level certification helps in introducing the Prince 2 Method and it also has an objective to confirm that you very well explore the Prince 2 method that can help in making things work. The foundation level certification helps in introducing the Prince 2 Method along with allowing people to understand its method and the capability to work effectively. Being a member of any project management team who is working in supporting Prince 2, we see things working fine. The foundation certification is also one of the key requirements that are addressed with this certification.

PRINCE2 Foundation Training

The next thing to explore here is a Prince 2 Foundation training, and we see the classroom training seemed to have been prolonged for around two and half days and then you have to face the exam. It comes at the end of the training. You have the choice of carrying out the self-study for many more Foundation exams that would help in choosing the training in a different format like for distance learning. The training is given by the accredited groups within Axelos who are ready to establish their rates.

Target Audience

The certification you get is often targeted for both the aspiring and current project managers and professionals who are working within any project. It remains very much relevant to the other key staff members who are involved in divisions like design, delivery, and development of the projects. These also include developing project board members like the Sr. Responsible owners, the team managers like Product delivery managers, Project assurance people like Business Change analysts, Project support like Project and Program office personnel, and professionals like the ops lines manager or even the staff.

The Exam Format

If you look at the exam format for Prince 2 Certification, it goes like this:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • 60 questions per paper
  • 33 marks required (out of 60 available) to pass: 55%

The time duration of the exam is 60 minutes or one hour. However, if you are joining any reputed institute for your preparation or training, you can have your PRINCE2 Foundation App with you. The official app can help in preparing both for your exam or training. You also have the choice of monitoring your progress with the various tests and then getting some quick test questions or attempting some complete mock exams. You can further explore the app to know what goes inside and what it can give to your being a Prince 2 Foundation Certification preparation.

Steps to Get the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

If you are wondering what are the steps involved in it, you have reached the right place. You have the choice of adding to your knowledge and practice regarding project management using the Prince 2 Certifications. The certification helps in validating the expertise of aspirants with the foundation certification. If you are not sure how it starts, you need to check the following steps involved in it:

  • Get trained – You need to get trained or prepare the best at institutes like KnowledgeHut which remains the authorized partner of the examination body known as AXELOS. Here you get an accredited training organization (ATO) with certified trainers and experts. All you need to do is to enroll for the next certification exam. You need around 16 hours of training to prepare for the exam.
  • Take up the PRINCE2 Foundation exam – Once you complete your preparation, you have to schedule your certification exam with the help of the eligibility code that you have received while registering for the same. Now, you have one hour to solve the online test. There you just have to score 55 percent to pass this exam.
  • Get PRINCE2 Foundation certified – Once you pass, you are certified for the same. You just have to download your e-certificate. Congrats, you are now a PRINCE2 Foundation certified professional.

Prince2 Course in London is the base level of the PRINCE2 methodology and will help you to enhance your skills within project management. The training received in the PRINCE2® Foundation course will prepare you for the following exam modules: Module breakdown for each course

This is how it goes, good luck with your exam.

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