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The debate between console and PC gaming has always been the point of tension in the gaming community. Sony and Microsoft fans may compete over who has the better system or exclusive games, but PC gamers like afk arena tier list 2022 scoff at both for a variety of different reasons.

This article will not add fuel to the fire. It aims to show new players an overview of the whole argument. Here are the key factors that differentiate PC gaming from console gaming:

In-store sales

One of the most common points from both sides is that sales don’t happen as often on console stores as they do on Steam. Some games tend to be free and lightweight, but not lightweight enough to run only on browsers like Lucky 8 . Steam sales take place every weekend and on holidays. Triple -A securities drop their prices by 10% to 70%. It’s a difference that’s hard to ignore .

Control schemes

This is the factor that is most debated by any competitive gamer. For most gamers, mouse and keyboard are best for first-person shooters, while gamepads/controllers are best suited for fighting games. This is a matter of preference for most people who have split the discussion into two topics:

The precision

As noted, the mouse is a better controller for aiming than the gamepad’s right analog stick . To speed up or slow down aiming, it is easier to use sliding hand movements than tilting the analog stick with a thumb. Strafing doesn’t get the same judgment, until one realizes that in many games the right thumb needs to be braced at the utility buttons. This takes it away from the right stick, making it difficult to aim in the heat of battle.

The theme of expression in video game development is also influenced by what is available to players as a means of movement. The new Sony PlayStation 5 comes with a high-tech controller with sensors and resistors that emulates wrestling in video games. This cannot be expressed in older gamepads or mouse and keyboard which will ultimately rely on button mashing.

However, the mouse and keyboard allow certain genres of games to exist only on the PC . These are computer role-playing games or CRPGs. These are often designed to give the player as many intuitive controls as possible, such as using the number pad and directional keys. Some of these games have been ported to consoles, but there is a distinct difference in experience. Some titles just aren’t meant to be played on another platform.

Variety of performance parameters

Performance and graphics were the best counterpoint PC gamers had against console gamers until the release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Console gamers can now play games on ultra settings.

However, not all PC gamers care about having high performance. Sometimes many are just worried about being able to run a game. The advantage of PC gamers vs console gamers is in the options. PC games only need the latest operating system, but gamers can cut costs by using a weaker platform. Console games had to be designed to be console compatible. The only exception is for backward compatibility titles granted by developers.

The durability and resilience of the material

Finally, there is the question of durability. Console games are notorious for lasting decades beyond their intended lifespan. PC hardware components tend to regress over a few years . That’s why there are vintage game consoles on flea markets, but desktop computers are sold in several parts.

If you only play games that don’t need a powerful system like solitaire or Lucky 8 , it’s best to invest in a cheap rig or phone. If you want to play high-end games, you need to know your personal gaming tastes. All you need to know are the types of features you expect from a video game and which platform supports it.

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