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Online medical consultation has exponentially risen during the past couple of years. Owing to the pandemic people lost touch with their health service providers. The hospitals were overwhelmed with a flood of COVID patients leaving no room for regular checkups and treatments.

In such circumstances, online consultation becomes a savior and allowed people to get quality medical advice in time from the safety of their homes. Platforms like the Doctorai, allow access to the best doctors and specialists with just a few clicks.

Despite several benefits, many people still have apprehensions and questions about online medical services. This write-up aims at answering all your doubts and queries regarding virtual medical assistance with utmost honesty.


  • What is an online medical consultation?

Online medical gp consultation is speaking to your doctor online through audio or video calls and chats. It works the same way as physical consultation.

You communicate your symptoms to the doctor and the doctor suggests remedies and gives a prescription at the end. It is a great alternative when you cannot visit a doctor personally due to lack of time or risky situations like a pandemic.


  • How do you consult a doctor virtually?

You can download an application or visit a website like the Doctorai that provides an online consultation facility. Register yourself and find a doctor according to your requirements. In just a few clicks you can book a consultation and get advice at the specified time.


  • Do these services available for medical emergencies?

Emergency cases are often critical and need immediate physical interference from the experts. Online services during an emergency are neither recommended nor available on most platforms.


  • How much does the online medical consultation costs?

Most online consultations are more affordable as compared to physical visits to your doctors. If you include the cost and time that incur in transport and waiting, along with the consultation fee, the amount can be significantly lower for online services.

However, the rate differs based on experience, specialty, and other factors. You can, however, get good discounts and promotional concessions online.


  • What kind of doctor to look for online?

A doctor can practice with a simple undergraduate degree by treating people for general conditions. However, if you want advice on a specific health issue such as diabetes, heart problems, etc, go for specialists in that particular field. Making a note of their experience is advisable though.


  • Are follow-ups possible with online consultations?

Yes, of course. Every medical service platform allows you to book a follow-up consultation with the same doctor or any other doctor through their interface. They also keep track of your medical records that the doctors can easily access during follow-ups.


  • Are online consultations covered by medical insurances?

While most health insurance providers provide cover for online consultations, it is better to talk to your provider to know what your policy covers. Especially if you have an old long-running policy, it is crucial to clarify this issue in the initial stage.


  • Are refunds available in case the consultation is not satisfactory?

Good platforms and applications have expert doctors and specialists on board and offer quality services. Since they are confident of their services, they also provide a refund service, in case you are not satisfied for some reason. You can also use this as a parameter to judge their credibility and authority.

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