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Video games were an exciting part of those growing up in 80’s ’90s and even in the ’00s. Every one of us saves a little enthusiasm inherent to our inner kid. Just like a kid, imagine having a table that looks like a pool with swimming fish in it. And now imagine that you’re lucky to play it not only for fun but also to get money.

A bit of history

Appeared in China in 2005 fish table game became popular in the casino industry of the U.S. in the 2010s, and since then, its popularity is not getting any weaker. 

The fish table game represents a table resembling a ping pong one with a screen installed, where the players may observe swimming fish. It is one of the most unique casino games.

In essence, the rules of the fish table game are simple: the player has to shoot or catch fish, each of them may multiply the bet, so every shot leads to winning. The size of a prize becomes more extensive if the underwater creature is rare and harder to catch. The player can choose his weapons. 

The joystick and two buttons are used to manage the game. The amount of winning depends on how many points the player has achieved while playing. The game continues until the player runs out of bullets or cash out his winning real money

The most in-demand fish games in the U.S are Carolina’s Fish Game Kings, Crab Avengers, Poseidon’s Realm, and so on. 

Nowadays, there is no need to visit a real casino to have a good time due to technology. Everyone has a chance to play different gambling games on mobile devices, tablets, or computers. All you need for that is wi-fi and a desire to be a winner.

Online fish table game rules 

The online game system has no differences from that of the gambling site. The main goal is to increase the number of small fish or to kill the most valuable ones, whatever. 

The type of guns available for you depends on the game level you’re on. However, the weapon isn’t so important as the understanding of the main principles of the game.

Try not to hurry at the beginning of the game. Instead, take your time to consider carefully your strategy based on an algorithm. 

To play fish table online, you have to deposit your account, and as soon as you gain a prize, money will be transferred to any of your purses or bank accounts.

The bet starts from 0.1 cents per spin.

Online fish table best strategy:

  • Be strategic and also try to improve your gun.
  • Be careful and attentive: some fish look similar but have different odds,
  • The easiest way to get coins is by shooting the fish with fewer scores. That is called a Mustache Technique.
  • Every bullet is a bet. Every fish requires a different number of bullets to be caught or killed. The bigger the fish is, the more bullets you will catch. But on the other side, the bigger fish gives you more points.
  • Don’t waste your bullets shooting a hidden fish. It is risky; you may waste your bullets and still not kill a fish.
  • If you have enough money in your account, do not waste it on killing small fish. Instead, choose the biggest one to increase your prize points and shoot with the giant bullets.
  • Be flexible. Pay attention to every detail of the game: the number of bullets, small fish, and big fish. Your gaming decisions will influence your rate, constantly increasing or lowering it. 
  • Shooting fish alone with a small or medium bullet is a good idea. Do not waste the large ones.
  • There are a large number of various game portals. Choose online games according to your taste and purposes.


Although the fish table game is close to other casino games, it requires more concentration and robust strategy. At first glance, game rules may seem very simple and available even for a child, but actually, the winning depends entirely on the logic and mathematical skills of the player. Therefore, paying attention to every detail is necessary to avoid making silly mistakes. After you’ve learned to calculate any risk, you will enjoy the game playing.  

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