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Dr. Nick Oberheiden is really a profoundly experienced government criminal protection lawyer who zeros in the training on issue including medical services misrepresentation along with other middle-class offenses. He’s approved to train in government courts the country over, and is a continuous master customer on television and public broadcasts.

A government criminal protection lawyer with lengthy stretches of participation with unpredictable and-profile health care extortion matters, Dr. Nick Oberheiden has provided remarks to numerous news sources. Getting addressed customers in significant health care extortion examinations and customary and criminal arraignments the country over, Dr. Oberheiden is really a persistent and passionate backer for his customers.

Dr. Oberheiden’s aptitude stretches to all trouble in the government criminal field. He firmly practices his arrangement abilities throughout the insightful and pre-preliminary cycles, and it has an enormous history in government law health care matters.


Organizer of Oberheiden, P.C. (previously Oberheiden Law Group PLLC)

Dr. Oberheiden may be the Founder and Managing Partner of Oberheiden, P.C.. Previously referred to as Oberheiden Law Group PLLC, Oberheiden, P.C. is really a public government guard law firm with 11 workplaces the country over. At Oberheiden, P.C., Dr. Oberheiden drives several previous government investigators and experienced safeguard lawyers who handle an expansive scope of bureaucratic cases, having a specific accentuation on common and criminal medical services misrepresentation matters.



Dr. Oberheiden is obtainable to complete like a specialist customer or observer on all issue associated with government criminal protection and health care extortion. His training regions include:

Government Civil and Criminal Investigations

Government Trials and Appeals (Civil and Criminal)


Medical services Fraud Audits

Government health care, State medicaid programs, Tricare, and Department at work (Department of labor) Fraud

Exchanges with Federal Prosecutors

Middle-class Defense (counting Bank Fraud, Conspiracy, Insurance Fraud, Mail Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Money Washing, RICO Violations, Securities Fraud, Tax Fraud, and Wire Fraud)


Attention and Expert Commentary

Dr. Oberheiden has already established a couple of of his cases incorporated in media, and that he has provided master critique on Radio and tv projects broadcasted in each of the 50 states. This incorporates projects, for instance,


America Tonight

Fox News (TV)

Fox News National Radio

Beginnng Communication Network

The Shaun Crilley Show

The Jim Bohannon Show

The Lars Larson Show

The Rusty Humphries Show

Washington Watch


Government Bar Admissions

Dr. Oberheiden is conceded to train more than 25 government preliminary and investigative courts the country over. He likewise regularly addresses people and company customers in other government locales on the star hac bad habit premise. Dr. Oberheiden’s government area court bar affirmations include:


Eastern District of Arkansas

Western District of Arkansas

Region of Colorado

Northern District of Illinois

Focal District of Illinois

Northern District of Indiana

Region of Maryland

Eastern District of Michigan

Eastern District of Missouri

Western District of Missouri

Region of Nebraska

Region of Boise State Broncos

Southern District of recent You are able to

Eastern District of recent You are able to

Section of North Dakota

Western District of Oklahoma

Western District of Tennessee

Northern District of Texas

Eastern District of Texas

Western District of Texas

Southrn District of Texas

Eastern District of Wisconsin

Dr. Oberheiden is furthermore approved to train within the associated government re-appraising locales:

US Court of Appeals for that Second Circuit (Connecticut, New You are able to, and Vermont)

US Court of Appeals for that Fifth Circuit (Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi)

US Court of Appeals for that Sixth Circuit (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee)

US Court of Appeals for that Ninth Circuit (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Or, Washington, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands)

US Court of Appeals for that Eleventh Circuit (Alabama, Florida, and Georgia)


Government Investigative, Police Force, and Healthcare Agencies

Dr. Oberheiden has effectively addressed customers in examinations and arraignments including all significant government insightful, law requirement, and health care organizations. He’s specific experience protecting customers in the event including:

Places for Medicare and State medicaid programs Services (CMS)

Division of Defense (DOD)

Division of Health insurance and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG)

Division of Justice (DOJ)

Division at work (Department of labor)

Medication Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Government Bureau of Analysis (FBI)

Government healthcare Fraud Strike Pressure

U.S. Lawyer’s Office


Test Situation Results

In complex bureaucratic cases, mediating within the public authority’s examination and battling to help keep charges from being recorded is easily the most ideal method of safeguard customers who’re conceivably confronting a lot of dollars in financial obligation and years, otherwise a long time, of presidency detainment. Dr. Nick Oberheiden has significant participation with guarding customers throughout the analytical interaction, and that he continues to be good at shielding customers from criminal prosecutions within the staggering bigger a part of every case he’s taken proper care of. In examinations underneath the False Claims Act (that is a remarkably wide rule and among the central government’s most-strong apparatuses for indicting medical services misrepresentation), up to now not really a solitary certainly one of Dr. Oberheiden’s customers has faced common or criminal responsibility.


Newer and more effective cases of Dr. Oberheiden’s situation results include:

No considerate or criminal responsibility for any corporate customer confronting expected common and criminal punishments inside a Medicare misrepresentation examination directed through the U.S. Lawyer’s Office and also the FBI.

No sincere or criminal obligation for any customer confronting government detainment for Medicare misrepresentation within an examination brought through the DOJ and also the FBI.

No considerate or criminal obligation for any customer confronting likely thoughtful and criminal punishments inside a meical services extortion examination brought through the DOJ and also the OIG.

No polite or criminal obligation for any customer for any situation where Dr. Oberheiden had the choice to demonstrate towards the U.S. Lawyer’s Office that his customer was ensured with a semi-secret Medicare law special situation.

No polite or criminal obligation for any customer confronting different punishments for supposed health care law violation within an examination brought through the FBI concerning the OIG.

No sincere or criminal risk for any customer being designated through the OIG for various supposed Medicare-related offenses.

No thoughtful or criminal responsibility for any health care supplier or any one of its leaders or representatives carrying out a joint examination through the FBI and OIG concentrating on supposed violation of numerous government health care laws and regulations.

No sincere or criminal risk for any corporate customer or any one of its leaders or leaders inside a huge scope criminal medical services extortion examination together with a couple of government law authorization offices.

No affable or criminal risk for any customer confronting numerous charges of presidency medical services wrongdoings within an examination such as the U.S. Lawyer’s Office along with other law authorization organizations. Dr. Oberheiden’s portrayal introduced about finish from the examination without charges.

No thoughtful or criminal responsibility for any health care supplier confronting charges of Medicare misrepresentation inside a multi-organization examination. Likewise with a lot of different cases recorded above, Dr. Oberheiden had the choice to finish his customer’s examination before charges being recorded.


Instructive Background Publications

Dr. Oberheiden holds three postgraduate educations and in addition has formal preparing as a swap and intervention strategies from Harvard College. He’s authored books and articles. His Ph.D. postulation, an experimental analysis from the functions from the U.S., Brazilian, and German Supreme Courts, continues to be known by U.S. High Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer and also the Chief Justice of South america, amongst others. Dr. Oberheiden’s formal legitimate instruction incorporates:

Juris Physician (J.D.) from College of California, La (UCLA)

J.D. from Hamburg School in Germany

PhD in Law in the College of Heidelberg, School of Law

Arrangement and Mediation Training, Harvard College

Notwithstanding his scholastic distributions, Dr. Oberheiden has proven courses in U.S. Protected law and customary and criminal government methodology within the U . s . States, South Usa, Europe, and Africa. He furthermore proceeds to regularly distribute articles on Oberheiden, P.C’s. blog.


Message from Dr. Nick Oberheiden

For close to the last decade, my whole authorized practice continues to be focused on aiding people and organizations avoid inappropriate punishments in absurd and misinformed government examinations. While medical services extortion is undoubtedly an indisputable issue, I furthermore understand that undoubtedly the majority of genuine medical services suppliers help with a valiant effort to accept to the unnecessarily perplexing Medicare, State medicaid programs, Tricare, along with other government medical services advantage program charging prerequisites. However, with government law authorization specialists’ command to do this against misrepresentation, waste, and misuse, numerous suppliers are now being compelled to protect themselves in intrusive and extremely difficult examinations. Regardless of the truth that law implementation within the health care area is irrefutably essential, no individual or association needs to be denied of their legitimate or Constitutional legal rights.In government medical services misrepresentation examinations, the punishments could be significant. Indeed, even suppliers who help with a valiant effort yet find yourself committing genuine errors can confront critical financial punishments. They are able to likewise confront medical services advantage program prohibition, that is viably a capital punishment for many types of health care suppliers. Around the off chance that investigators accept they have sufficient evidence of purpose to cheat Medicare, State medicaid programs, or any other health care advantage program, they are able to search for criminal punishments underneath the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback St

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