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Olympiad is one of the most renowned and popular exams which Is conducted for the students from class 1 to 12. Olympiads are directed on a global level just as worldwide to even out and empower understudies from a comparative scholarly kind or level to take part. Olympiads, be it on a public or global level, are considered as perhaps the hardest test to break. The esteemed tests clear ways for school understudies to frame a serious mentality and furthermore permit them to evaluate their insight and comprehension of the specific topic among their companions. Olympiad grant holders regularly are offered a strategic advantage as far as applying to higher courses of study. Other than the scholastic evaluation and  benefits, Olympiads likewise offers rewarding honours and grants  adding a significantly seriously intriguing twist to the opposition Objective of Olympiads  

  • Various Olympiad tests are conducted in India. Albeit every Olympiad  test has a proper arrangement of destinations, the general  target of Olympiads incorporate the accompanying:
  • To upgrade the thinking, abilities and legitimate capacity of the understudies partaking in something very similar.
  • To empower understudies to have intense information on the subject(s) for which the Olympiad test is being directed.  • To arouse the curiosity of the taking an interest understudy scholastically as well as on the occasions and happenings all throughout the planet.
  • To guarantee that understudies have a healthy and all-around improvement while in school.
  • To give a chance to the understudies to have some knowledge of the higher examinations educational plan and what the cutthroat test situation resembles on a public and worldwide level.

Advantages of Olympiad Tests  

Olympiad tests are extremely renowned all alone and their advantages are various. To fully articulate it, the advantages of  Olympiad tests can be summed up in an accompanying way:

Understudies who participate in Olympiads know the worth of top to bottom comprehension of realities and ideas included,  particularly yet not restricted to Science and Math Olympiad tests.

Olympiad tests permit understudies to sharpen and refine their insightful and coherent thinking abilities as the test design is for the most part centred around something very similar.  An itemized appraisal of a specific understudy’s solidarity just as shortcomings are given by the Olympiad tests. Understudies can understand their latent capacity and furthermore work on the spaces where there is an opportunity to get better.  One of the significant advantages of Olympiad tests is that they permit understudies to investigate and apply the ideas that they have learnt in schools as a piece of their scholarly educational plan. This permits understudies to be more certain when they approach higher courses of study.

Considering that, Olympiad is directed both broadly and globally,  understudies can have knowledge of the educational program that their companions are seeking after on the two levels. This guarantees that understudies can streamline their capacity to grasp the topic and furthermore work on the abilities needed to take an interest in such rivalries.  To prepare for the exams, students can also go through papers like IMO Class 5 Previous Year Paper 2015.

Olympiad tests offer a large group of remunerations and grants which can be of additional guidance to assisting understudies with developing and sustaining their capacities.

SOF’s Olympiad – Qualification 

  1. The qualification for the Olympiads fluctuates as indicated by the kind of tests understudies are applying for, the subtleties of which are given underneath.
  2. Understudies from Classes 1 to 12 are qualified to take part in  the Public Science Olympiad, led by the Science Olympiad  Establishment (SOF) and the Worldwide Science Olympiad

directed by the Home Bhabha Community for Science  Schooling.

III. For the Global Math Olympiad, Public Digital Olympiad and  Worldwide English Olympiad directed by the SOF, understudies from Classes 1 to 12 are qualified to apply.

  1. The SOF likewise leads the Global Business Olympiad for which understudies of Class 11 and 12 are qualified to apply.  V. Understudies from Classes 1 to 10 are qualified to take part in the Worldwide General Information Olympiad, additionally directed by the Science Olympiad Establishment.

Qualification for NSE/and Resulting Stages:

  1. The competitor should be qualified to have an Indian  Identification.
  2. The understudies having a date of birth between 1 July 2000  and 30 June 2005, the two days comprehensive will be qualified to compose the test.
  3. Applicants should live in India since 30  November 2017 or prior or should be considered in the Indian tutoring and training framework.
  4. Additionally, the taking an interest understudy should not have finished the class 12 board assessment before 30 November  2019.
  5. The last measures ask understudies not to have begun or intend to initiate contemplates in the college or any establishment by 1 June 2020. Should not have started (or

intending to initiate) examinations in a college or comparable foundation by 1 June 2020.

Qualification Measures for Junior Science Olympiads:  

The applicant should be qualified to have an Indian

Identification. The understudies having a date of birth between  1 January 2005 and 31 December 2006, the two days comprehensive will be qualified to compose the test.  Taking interest applicants should dwell in India since 30  November 2017 or prior or should consider in the Indian tutoring and schooling framework. Likewise, the taking part understudy should not have finished the class 10 board assessment before 30 November 2019.

The last models ask understudies not to have begun or intend to begin considers in the college or any organization  by 1 June 2020

SOF Olympiad Prospectus  

1) The schedule for the Olympiad tests considers the subject  applied for and furthermore centres around extra


2) For a specific subject, an understudy showing up from a  specific Class should be intensive with the scholastic schedule for something very similar.

3) The Olympiad schedule doesn’t prescribe adhering to the educational program of one specific Board, all things being equal, understudies are informed to follow the educational plan with respect to other Board’s too to expand their insight base and range.

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