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You’ve heard it so many times in the past and now the present: Many students struggle with math. Your children are probably suffering from this “hard math problem.” It’s not uncommon to hear students complain that they hate math because they find it so hard to understand (and we bet many parents suffered as well in their school years). And it must be true because many students and even parents share this opinion and often turn to a math tutor in Singapore for help.

Why Do So Many Students Struggle with Math?

Math is hard to relate to

Math is an abstract subject and cannot relate much to real life. Students learn better and faster when they can relate lessons to real life, but the difficulty and challenge of math as it advances don’t work in this relation. The concepts of math are just too abstract.


Student’s mindset is fixed

This is the self-fulfilling mindset of students that they expect math to be difficult. When students expect math to be hard, they give up easily when they don’t understand something. This negative mindset quickly becomes a cycle of low confidence, less motivation, and poor performance.


Teachers focus on memorization instead of understanding

Many students experience their teachers making them memorize formulas and concepts rather than understanding them. As students advance in their lessons and encounter more difficult problems, they cannot solve them because they never learned problem-solving skills by understanding and tackling problems.


Lessons move on before students are truly ready

Normally, the majority of students in a class gain a satisfactory understanding of the lessons. This gives them adequate understanding to move on to the next unit or grade level. But, satisfactory also means that many students still lack fundamental building blocks for future lessons since math is cumulative. When students realize that math builds on itself, they will find it harder to grasp lessons and will soon fall behind.


The problem is not a lack of brainpower

The main aspect that makes math hard for many is that it takes patience and persistence. For many students, math is not something that comes automatically or even intuitively. It needs a lot of SLOW but hard work. It is a subject that sometimes requires teachers to devote lots of SLOW teaching rather than trying to catch up with the syllabus.


Advantages of Hiring an Online Math Tutor

To help your children overcome their difficulties with math, you need to hire experienced math tutors who not only understand your children’s difficulties, but the factors associated with these difficulties.

This is why hiring from FamilyTutor will make all the difference for your children.

Top priority: Overcoming student’s weaknesses

With a maths tutor, your children will not be afraid to speak up, ask questions, since the tutor is giving their undivided attention. The children’s doubts and misconceptions will slowly melt away because private tutors plan out personalized scheduled lessons based on the student’s weaknesses.

Positive motivation to make learning math more interesting

Aside from good grades, the best motivation for a student is an increased understanding of the subject. This positive cycle encourages a student to always study and work hard. Signing up for a math tutor with FamilyTutor is the first step to give children a positive outlook towards this subject.

Use of different teaching techniques and practices

There is no single method to tackle math problem-solving. With years of experience under their belt, math tutors from FamilyTutor have accumulated exercises, practice questions, and papers that can be helpful to the current student.

Hiring a math tutor is the building block for the future

Concepts and problem-solving in math are adapted by other core subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, etc. A solid understanding of math guarantees good grades in other core subjects.

In the future when your children are going into tertiary education, math and other core subjects that use the same concepts and skills will open up opportunities in courses such as Physics, Statistics, Engineering, and Computer Programming

What makes FamilyTutor a dependable math tutor in Singapore?

  • We are the most family-oriented home or online tutors.
  • Zero agency fee (The prices you see do not contain any hidden fees).
  • We have good online and media reviews and have been featured on Strait Times and Channel 8.
  • We have the highest level of satisfaction from students and parents.
  • We follow MOE’s COVID-19 Safe Management Measures.

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