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When it comes to make a bigger investment for any professional use, then I always believe;

For a bigger thing, look for a bigger brand, as it’s always worth it!

The statement says it all why one must look for the bigger brand! Let’s take an example of buying a piano or any other musical instrument for a concert or any professional use. Approaching a bigger name not only assures you invested in a good deal,but also ensures your purpose is going to be fulfilled successfully.

Perhaps, this is why pianists look for Mason Hamlin grand pianos when it comes to looking for a piano that is rich in quality, smooth in playing, versatile, and plays a melodious tone. Mason Hamlin Piano are the preferred choice of many of the world’s most talented piano players.

Regarding this incredible achievement in instrument industry, let’s discuss today what Mason Hamlin grand pianos are all about, and which model is best to consider for any occasional use.

Take a minute to read this enlightening post, you’ll surely learn some useful information.

What are Mason Hamlin Grand Pianos?

Grand pianos from Mason Hamlin are considered the best ones in the world. They’re known for their high-quality sound and construction, making them a popular choice for professional musicians.

Although they are smaller and less expensive than concert grand pianos, still they offer a rich, full-bodied sound. These pianos can be purchased in four and five-foot versions and come with up to 47 inches of vertical height.The concert piano weighs almost 3/4 ton, is made of solid spruce, and features a full perimeter cast-iron plate.

Guide to Pick best Grand Piano According to Features & Use – Look into Best Grand Piano Models

For those looking for a fine quality concert grand piano, the Mason Hamlin Company is a good choice. Their pianos are arguably the most expensive to produce in America and are widely considered among the best in the world.

During the Golden Age of the Piano, many illustrious concert artists aligned with the company, including the great Sergei Rachmaninoff. However, this renowned company focuses on innovation and durability, and their grand pianos have no exception.

Need best example of this brand innovation? “Tension Resonator” is one example this company has created to prolong the life of pianos. The company’s patented tension resonator consists of a series of turnbuckles, which helps prevent the rim from expanding. Its aluminum key pins and balance rail pins strengthen the cabinet design.

Best Grand Models

The Model 50 from Mason Hamlin is a signature professional upright piano known for its power, durability, and rich tone. It is the only upright piano that Mason & Hamlin produces.

If you need a smaller piano, you can choose the Model A, considered one of the world’s best grand pianos. This model features a 6-foot-long case, a thick maple rim, and a high-polish ebony soundboard.

So, which Mason Hamlin grand piano is best for concerts?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including;

  • Size of the venue
  • Type of music that will be played


  • If you’re playing in a large concert hall, you’ll need a grand piano that is big enough to fill the space and have a powerful sound. Here, Mason Hamlin BB (8’11”) and CC (9’6″) grands are the biggest pianos in the list, and they would be good choices for a large concert hall.


  • If you’re playing in a smaller venue or want a more versatile piano that can be used for different types of music, then a smaller grand piano might be a better choice.


  • The Mason Hamlin AA (7’6″) and A (7’0″) grands are good choices for smaller venues or for players who want a more versatile piano.

No matter whichever model you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality instrument that will sound great in any concert setting.

Still wondering, is there any particular advantage of buying Mason Hamlin grand pianos?

Why Buying From Grand Piano From Mason Hamlin?

Because this reputable brand is known for the fine craftsmanship of their pianos. A new showroom in the firm’s Cambridge location will showcase the company’s signature hand-polished ebony finish and exotic wood veneers.

These new models will make the perfect addition to any living room or office. They are also available in a variety of color schemes. If you’re looking for an exceptional piano, consider MasonHamlin. Its brand name has a worldwide reputation and can be found through various reputable dealers.If you seek Yamaha u3 piano? You can consult with Orpheus Music Group for further information across USA

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