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Living on an oil rig requires a lot of strength, patience, and determination. It’s not easy to move away from your home and locate yourself in a remote position away from your family. But it’s what the job requires, and anyone who has the ability to keep themselves motivated can easily succeed.

You will find many articles about what an oil rig is, how it works, and the technicalities. But there will be hardly any about the life on an oil rig. Although there must be people who may know about the kind of lifestyle the oil rig workers lead, there are still some things that you might not know. In this article, we’ve covered how life can be on this platform.

Learn about Life on an Oil Rig

We will not deny that living and working circumstances aboard this industrial facility are difficult and demanding.

Every job applicant wonders what it must be like to live in such an environment. Certainly, the great solitude of such a strange location, the presence of such harsh surroundings as the open ocean, and the cold or extremely hot weather conditions leave no one unaffected. However, people who want a good salary still opt for jobs in oil rigs

There are more than 1,400 offshore oil rigs globally, which means this profession can lead you anywhere from the UK to Australia or perhaps the Gulf of Mexico or the Middle East. That means you have to be prepared to be placed anywhere. There may be at least 200 people working or residing on this platform at one time. However, we should be grateful we’re not living in the ’70s anymore because back then, only a single phone call to family members or friends was allowed. 

Companies usually put their workers up in hotels if a rig site is near an area. Companies provide a camp for the workers when the rig is in a remote place. A crew truck transports workers from the camp to the oil rig. 

It’s essential to be careful of the wind. It’s because storms can be disastrous for oil platforms. Katrina, for example, destroyed thirty oil platforms and forced the closure of nine refineries. As a result of the hurricane, the United States produced only 12% of its regular oil output. So if there’s any chance of a hurricane, the worker must protect the oil rig before evacuating. 

What happens on the Arrival of New Workers?

New employees are given all they need to ensure a safe and comfortable stay when they arrive at the workplace. Everyone is given an overall, safety boots, glasses, and a hard hat before seeing the entire installation.

Working on an oil rig or platform is a financially rewarding experience. Certainly, the pay and benefits in these types of work are significantly higher than in comparable land-based positions. Furthermore, the employer pays for all necessary expenses, such as meals, lodging, and travel to and from work, allowing you to save money. Even when operating on a local platform, it’s the same method. Working in a foreign country is, nevertheless, more financially appealing.

What are the Working Hours?

Because activities run around the clock with no rig ‘downtime,’ the typical working shift is 12 hours ‘on’ and 12 hours ‘off,’ with numerous shift patterns, including day and night. Many offshore professions require shift patterns of two or three weeks on the rig followed by two or three weeks onshore, but shift patterns might be longer.

How is the Accommodation?

Life on an oil rig is more convenient in this century because it has a dedicated team of kitchen staff who combine different ingredients and make up wonderful dishes that can easily win the hearts of the workers. There is also a self-service canteen which means there is no hassle in getting food. Even though the oil rig is present at different locations, you will also get fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Living on an oil rig means you have to share your room with other members. However, some oil rigs provide private rooms. Showers and toilets also need to be shared. But as long as they are clean, it should not be a problem.

If you find some time off, you can spend it while using the different amusements provided by the company. There is a list of activities you can do while being on an oil rig. You will see modern satellite TV and phones, a huge selection of videos, a gym (how cool, right?), a sauna, video games, a good Internet connection, etc.

The main reason behind all these amenities is to provide a safe and stress-free environment for the workers because their living and working conditions are already difficult. Therefore, they deserve some rest on their time off. 

Are Phones Allowed?

Yes, phones are allowed, but under certain conditions. For example, as suggested by safety experts, you cannot use your phone while pumping gas because the batteries or the electronics can easily ignite the gas fumes and cause a spark. However, you can use FaceTime or any other medium of communication to talk to your family members or friends, so you don’t get completely isolated.


Life on an oil rig is difficult, but it also has perks. You can catch up with your family members or friends on your time off or even watch your favorite show on television. But you have to be careful of your surroundings and follow all the safety measures.  

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