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You must have read various studies on how to stay happy with your life, however, to be satisfied in life is a different thing. No matter what, most factors are more or less the same but satisfaction is dependent on your happiness and vice versa. 

Happiness is when we are happy in our life. It is an immediate experience. On the other hand, life satisfaction is when we are happy with our life. It means when we are happy to talk about our experiences, the big picture of our life. There are a number of articles on how one can stay happy but little information on factors contributing to our level of satisfaction.

Following are 6 key factors that contribute towards increasing or decreasing your level of satisfaction.

Job satisfaction

As an adult, almost half of your day and week is spent at work. Therefore, being satisfied with your job and at your workspace plays an important role in overall satisfaction. When you know what you want from your career and are satisfied with the job you are working in, then there are high chances that you will be happy with your work. Even if you are a freelancer, the available sources like a paystub generator for managing the expenses and for keeping your financial statement, make you feel satisfied with your work. Similarly, the work environment contributes to your level of satisfaction, although it varies from individual to individual. For instance, few individuals are happy working in a family-like environment while others are comfortable in professional working spaces. Sometimes, people are satisfied with their jobs but not comfortable with their financial management skills, for this purpose you can hire independent contractors. 

  • Friends

Studies show that having close friends plays an important role in boosting your level of satisfaction. Having genuine friends boost your confidence. It is highlighted by various researchers that friends give extraordinary power to a person. They make you feel you are self-equipped and do not have to compare yourself with anyone else. They make you realize that you are the best and do not need confirmation from anyone.

  • Set Goals in your life 

People who have goals in their lives are more satisfied. Goals contribute to our level of satisfaction. Individuals who know what they want to pursue in life are more positive and satisfied about themselves. The goal here does not mean to set something unachievable as you will end up in stress rather than satisfaction. It is recommended to set SMART goals for yourself means goals that are

Specific – it should be clear and specific, else you will not be able to focus on efforts that will contribute to achieving it. Answer 5Ws (What, where, who, which and why) for your goal.

Measurable – In order to track your progress and to stay motivated, make your goals measurable. Address ‘how’ for your goal.  

Attainable – Your goal should be attainable and realistic in order to be successful. By having an attainable goal, you are less likely to miss the resources and opportunities that you have not utilized well in the past.

Relevant – Make sure your goal is relevant and aligned to other goals. Evaluating the thing you set as a goal is worthy, is it the right time to achieve it and does it match your need.

Time-bound – Set a target date for your goal that will motivate you to achieve it within the set deadline.

If you follow all these parameters while setting your life goals, you will be satisfied.

  • Have your life story

Experts are of the view that when the stories of our life that we tell ourselves add meaning to our life. You must be thinking that it seems boring to write a life story but people who do so are more satisfied with their lives as they evaluate their life on a daily basis. Such people are more optimistic about their lives and their future.

People who know about their ancestors and know their stories have higher self-esteem and control over their lives as they get a chance to go through their past. So, if you want to enhance your level of satisfaction, start writing your life story.

  • Money is not the answer

If you are more materialistic and measure your happiness with money, then you are likely to be less satisfied with your life. A study conducted by Ryan and Dziurawiec in 2001 highlighted people who value materialistic things more, and were less satisfied with their life. If you spend more money on purchasing expensive things for yourself and luxurious gifts for show-off, you will be left with less money to enjoy your holidays. Keep more money for spending time with your family as at the end of the day what you will remember will be the golden memories you have made with them. 

People who have meaning in their life other than just increasing their wealth, are likely to be more satisfied. Therefore, having a life with a defined goal will contribute to your satisfaction with life. 

  • Grow, grow and grow

No, we do not mean by adding a few more pounds. Evaluate that have you seen any changes in your attitude and behaviour in the past few months. We believe that after forty you are less likely to grow, but it is not right. Studies show that people who read and learn at a late age are more likely to be satisfied with their lives. Growing never ends no matter how old you are. Reading and learning new things will always be interesting and help you in staying alive. 

With the passage of time, things change, therefore, keep yourself updated with the changes. However, keep in mind that growth does not include changing your core values. Stay intact with your values and key beliefs. If you are willing to compromise on your values, it will lead to decreasing your satisfaction rather than increasing it.

Life is short, spend it in the best way possible.

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