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value of your car in Dubai,

You’re not overreacting; driving at night is actually hard, dangerous, and challenging, it’s even scary sometimes.

At night there isn’t much light, therefore, you can’t see clearly, and the bright lights on the road and other cars’ lights don’t help that much, they just make the situation worse; that’s because the glare reflecting from high beam lights and oncoming headlights will only make your situation worse.

When you can’t see the road clearly, you won’t be able to know when to stop, when to drive, and how much distance there is between your car and the other cars, especially if you have eyesight problems.

Driving carefully at night protects your safety, and maintains the value of your car in Dubai, so if you’re familiar with this problem, keep reading for some tips and tricks to stay safe!

First thing first,

  1. Visit Your Eye Doctor

Even if you think that there is nothing wrong with your eyes, and your eyesight is excellent, visiting the eye doctor is critical; he’s the one to decide whether you need any kind of medication, glasses, or any sort of treatment.

If your eyes are 10/10 they might advise you on wearing anti-reflective lenses to reduce the glare and annoying lights as much as possible while sharpening your vision.

However, for anyone to have a driving license in Dubai, you must undergo an eye test approved by the RTA center; so if you have already done the test and got your driving license, there is no harm to revisit your eye doctor; the eyes need more light to see clearly when aging, and more time to recover from the glare.

  1. Clean Your Glasses!

No, not just your glasses, I mean, ALL THE GLASSES; including the windows, mirrors, windshield, and of course your glasses.

Streaked glass scatters the light creating glare and reducing your ability to see; during the day, you can barely have an issue driving with dirty glass, but when it’s night, everything turns foggy blocking your vision.

Keep your glasses clean, use a rag and a glass cleaner spray and make sure to wipe all the mirrors, windows, and windshield, from the outside and the inside.

  1. Keep the Headlights On

High beams were made for a reason; to see the road in front of you, and to make other cars see you.

However, knowing how to use them is a key, you should adjust and use them correctly, and know when to switch between bright and dim lights; that’s because if the headlights are adjusted to point too high you might block the other drivers’ vision.

If adjusted to point too low, you may not be able to see the road and the other cars clearly in front of you.

  1. Don’t Drive Too Fast

I know it’s one of those guilty pleasures every driver has, but it’s not a valid reason to over-speed when it’s night just because there are no cars around; accidents happen all the time, anytime, and anywhere.

On the contrary, when you can barely see you should slow down, and take extra care. Not to mention that Dubai never sleeps, and you should always stick to the speed limits for your own safety and the safety of other cars.

Also, you should never forget that a pedestrian might hastily show up in front of your car while driving and it will be more difficult to stop the car instantly when you’re driving too fast.

Finally, drive at a reasonable pace, keep your eyes on the road, and maintain clean glasses all the time to keep your vehicle in a good condition in case you’re willing to sell your car in Dubai.

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