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how to turn off google assistant

The fanbase of virtual assistants is increasing now and then. People are preferring their favorite virtual assistants for their daily usage. Let’s not have this debate of which one is the better virtual assistant as it is a discussion for some other day. But one such versatile assistant is Google Assistant.

People love Google Assistant and the best part is that it is an inbuilt feature of every Android phone. So your phone acts as a virtual assistant. But many people find Google Assistant very troubling because of its bothering updates and because of its unintentional power on and offs.

If Google Assistant is bothering you frequently, then this article on how to turn off Google Assistant will help you. We will discuss everything about how to turn off Google Assistant on different devices.

What Is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual help for phones, tablets, PCs, and smart home systems driven by artificial intelligence. You may use voice commands or keyboard inputs to communicate with the assistant to search the internet, send messages, play music, check the weather, plan events, set alarms, modify smart home settings, and much more.

Google Assistant has more than one million activities that may be carried out independently by the service, and more are introduced all the time. Thanks to the integration of AI into Google’s wide range of applications and third-party services, further activities are made feasible. Now let us see the compatible devices of Google Assistant before moving on to how to turn off Google Voice Assistant. 

Compatible Devices

Google Assistant was first introduced in 2016 with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, accompanying Google Homes smart speakers and Google’s Allo messaging app. While Allo was canceled in the end, Google Assistant remains a stand-alone application with an Android operating system.

Google Assistant is now accessible on iOS, Android, smart Google speakers and displays, Chromebooks, smartwatches Google Wear OS, and even on Pixel Bud. The system is also compatible with Android TV devices and may be utilized by Android Auto in certain automobiles. New integrations are constantly being introduced.

How To Turn Off Google Assistant On Phone?

The service is included in the operating system on Android and Chrome OS-powered devices with Google Assistant. This implies that AI cannot be deleted, silenced, or disabled entirely. As you need to download the iOS app from your app store, you can remove Google Assistant settings. 

  • How To Turn Off Google Assistant Android

Open the Google Assistant app; when your Android device or tablet has the AI integrated into the operating system, hold the home button down. Select Explore, and choose the Settings icon of your profile. 

Select your device and disable the option next to Google Assistant under the Assistant menu. Click on More > Settings > Google Assistant when you open the Google app, then pick the Wizard tab and select the device. Turn the Google Assistant switch off.

  • Turn Off Google Assistant In Chrome OS Devices

In Chrome OS you cannot stop Google Assistant fully as possible in Android, however, you may disable the wake word. Select the time in the lower right-hand corner of your Chromebook and choose Configuration.

Select Google Wizard and click Settings under Search and Assistant. Choose the Chromebook in Devices and then switch to Voice Match Access. Now that you say “OK, Google” Google Assistant will no longer reply.

During voice activation, other techniques are continued. You can still trigger AI by clicking the Chromebook keyboard’s Google Assistant button or hosting the launcher in the Pixel Book.

  • Turn Off Google Assistant In Google Home Smart Devices

A built mute button, that should be clearly labeled with a Microphone symbol, is the most straightforward method to turn off the Google Assistant from a Home or Nest smart device. By using the mute button, the device does not actively listen to the wake phrase and can deactivate Google Assistant efficiently. 

You need to unmute it first if you wish to talk to the device again. There is also an option to turn the voice assistant off temporarily via the downtime function of Google. Tap Home and pick the device from the Google Home app. Tap Settings > Digital Wellness > New program and choose the tool. When Downtime is active, you may build a schedule immediately.

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How To Turn Google Assistant Off By Disabling The Activation Button

The Google Assistant is uncomfortable when you’re not expecting it. Also, when your fingers unintentionally contact the Home button on your smartphones and tablets, many individuals are activating. When you press Home, Android allows you to disable this function if you don’t want to see or hear Google Assistant come up. 

For individuals who wish to get rid of the help but are unwilling to turn it off, they should disable Google Assistant. So, how to turn off Google assistant by disabling it? Follow these steps to turn off Google assistant:

  • Start your Android device’s home screen settings app.
  • Navigate to the menu section Applications. It might be called Apps on some models.
  • Next, go into the Section Default Apps.
  • Open support & input voice.
  • Tap the App Support tab.
  • The list of accessible support applications is displayed on your Android smartphone. More often, “Google” and “None” will be displayed as alternatives. Tap the “None” button.

If you are asking how to turn on Google Assistant, then you may go back to the original configuration by following the same procedures as you did to turn off Google Assistant. You should pick Google as the assistant app in this particular situation, rather than one.

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Turn Off Google Assistant Voice By Uninstalling The Updates

For a while, from May 2016, the Google assistant has been around. Google did not have previous versions of the software. Therefore, you may also remove Google App’s updates and reset them to its factory settings to free your phone or tablet from the annoying helpdesk.

You must remember that in this circumstance you can take the most severe step. It should also be noted that Google’s other services and features might potentially be affected. Some of them, and Google Assistant may disappear.

You can follow the instructions below if you are confident that you don’t want a wizard anywhere on your phone. This works for phones as well as tablets.

  • Start your home screen Settings app.
  • Go to the apps next.
  • This section might be called “Apps” depending on the model.
  • Tap the manager of the application. Alternatively, if no such choice exists, the tab called “Apps” should be taped.
  • The list of all applications loaded on the device will then be displayed on your phone or tablet.
  • Search and press Google.
  • You should press the symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen when Google App’s information page appears.
  • Tap the Updates option for Uninstall.
  • Google will notify you then that you will be replacing the app with the version of the plant and removing all data. To validate the decision, tap OK.

The Google Assistant will be deleted and will no longer disturb you. The next time you automatically update the Google application or your device, the assistant will appear again.

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Say Bye To Google After Knowing How To Turn Off Google Assistant

It’s a nice option to turn off Google Assistant if you don’t need it on your device. There are various options to turn off Google Assistant but you should try disabling it before uninstalling the updates. In that case, if you ever need to turn on Google Assistant, then you can follow the same steps as to how to turn off Google Assistant and turn it on!

We hope this article articulated valuable information on how to turn off Google Assistant as it might get on your nerves sometimes.

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