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How to reset BoAt airdopes.

Do you have any issues with BoAt Airdopes? As in, one side isn’t working? Having trouble connecting BoAt Airdopes to a computer? Or maybe stutters when singing songs? The simplest solution that comes in our mind is to reset it. Every airdopes have different ways in which they can be reset. The user manual provided gives the correct information about resetting. And since not all problems are solved by resetting, let us discuss other methods as well. If you are neckband type person you can check out these best neckband under 2000 for you.

Common problems with BoAt airdopes

Let’s start with the left or right earbud not working. This is common since the BoAt Airdopes lets you to utilize both or either of the earphones. When you utilize only one earbud, it operates in mono mode rather than stereo mode. When you pull the other one out, it connects and goes into stereo mode. That is the fundamental operation of BoAt Airdopes. During this procedure, one of the earphones may not work since it has been switched off for some reason. Perhaps to save the battery? All you have to do now is press the MFB button on that specific earphone for a few seconds to turn it on.

It will connect automatically to the device to which the other earbud is already attached. And now, if you detach and reconnect them, they will both operate fine the next time you use them. In the given circumstance, the reset will not assist you. There had been a few issues with this in the previous 6 months, such as poor volume while pairing with an Android mobile. While both earbuds are in Bluetooth range, audio playback stutters.


Let us take an example of BoAt 121v2 about how to reset:

Be it any issue you are facing with the Airdopes 121v2, resetting it can be the ultimate resort because there are so many functionalities on offer.

  1. First of all, take the earbuds out of the case. They might be blinking red and blue or just red depending upon the last use.
  2. Triple presses both the earbuds MFB (Multi-Function Button). Successfully doing it will be indicated with alternate red and blue LED lights.
  3. Put them back in the caseand close the lid.
  4. Now take them out. They will automatically connect with each other.
  5. And that’s how to reset BoAt Airdopes 121v2.

Note: After a successful reset of BoAt Airdopes 121v2, it will have forgotten all the connected devices. So you have to pair it again. The process is the same as you would have done for the very first time setting it up.


Let us take one more example of BoAt Air dopes 402:

The hard reset procedure is not just effective for resolving problems. You may use it to erase all of the minor data. When you master reset air dopes, they will be the same as when you got them.

Carry out this procedure for the BoAt Air dopes 402;

  • Check the battery % of the charging case of the airbuds.
  • Check the position of both airbuds in the charging case.
  • Long press CTC on both earbuds for 8 seconds. When you notice red and blue LED blinking, it signifies the factory reset procedure was successful.
  • After the third step, you must close and reopen the charging case cover.
  • Simply remove the earphones from the charging case to restart them. It will begin automatically.

However, if you do not want to hard reset the entire BoAt airbuds 402, you can just conduct a soft reset. After using the airbuds in stand-by mode, you must press the CTC for 5 seconds. This is referred to as manual power-off Air Dopes. It will switch off both ear dopes. Rather, you should execute frequent manual power-off operations to avoid the usual problems in the BoAt AirDopes 11.

Finally, because Air Dopes does not include your personal data, a factory reset will just cure the problem. When you locate the problems, you must reset the BoAt air dopes 402. Before you discover problems, keep yourself safe by conducting soft resets or power cycle resets on a regular basis.

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