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Looking for the best mechanical keyboard at a decent price? Consider checking out these five sources. If you’re a mechanical keyboard aficionado, you’re probably aware that certain vendors offer some of the most affordable options out there. But what about those of us who are just getting into the world of gaming and want to stay competitively priced? Thankfully, there are still plenty of great suppliers out there that understand that quality doesn’t always come at a premium price. In this article, we take a look at some of the most affordable mechanical keyboard on the market today, giving you helpful tips on where to find them and how much they cost.

Know your budget

Before you shop around or shop at certain vendors in a given area, it’s a good idea to know your budget. A budget of say, $80 for a mechanical keyboard is a thing of the past. It used to be that a mechanical keyboard of this price would come with Cherry MX keyswitches and a sturdy design. Nowadays, the best mechanical keyboards can retail for as much as $300 or more. So unless you’re a pro who wants the best, you’re going to need to factor in the cost of parts and labor when purchasing a mechanical keyboard. You might save a few bucks by buying a lower-quality keyboard, but you’ll probably end up spending more overall than if you had chosen the best option.

Shop around

You can score some amazing deals on mechanical keyboards at dealers’ shows and online, but before you buy, you may want to check out what others are buying. You might find that a certain vendor offers mechanical keyboards on sale frequently, or has a rotating selection of discounted models. If you want to try out different brands and models before you commit, this is a great idea. But what you don’t want to do is shop around without any idea what you’re looking for. If you’re not satisfied with the keyboard you pick up from any of these sources, you can return it in exchange for a refund or swap it for another model from the same vendor.

Check out deals

You might have to look a little harder, but you can find some pretty sweet deals on mechanical keyboards. Some retailers offer free returns or exchanges on certain models, so you have a chance to test-drive a keyboard and make sure you like it before you commit to a purchase.

Compare features

Once you’ve found a mechanical keyboard that meets your needs, consider the following features that you may wish to look for in a future model: corrosion resistance heavy-duty switches key travel length keycap style keycap colors durable construction big keycaps wrist-grip high-DPI support wireless support and more.

Look for brands you trust

It’s easy to shop around and find deals on mechanical keyboards, but what good is that if you don’t buy from a brand you trust? You’re likely to be better off spending a little extra and getting a keyboard from a respected brand like SteelSeries, Razer or Kailh. After all, these companies have a track record for quality control, and have consistently offered top-notch products for years.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that mechanical keyboards are too expensive, or that you don’t need a mechanical keyboard. While mechanical keyboards do have their place, it’s important to consider your needs when shopping for a new mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are great for professional gamers who want a keyboard that offers plenty of features for competitive gaming.

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