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Pain relief is one of the common reasons people take kratom. Finding the best kratom strain for pain relief is subjective; not all kratom strains known as the best are suitable for you. Therefore, finding the most suitable kratom strains for your health and lifestyle can be tricky. In this article, we introduce you to the best kratom strains for pain relief and provide tips on how to find kratom strains for pain relief that are just right for you. 

Chronic pain in adults 

Pain can either be mild or severe, and people feel physical pain in different areas. Some aches are recurring and extend for a long period. Although mild aches occur more frequently, chronic pain also affects a large population, especially the elderly. 
According to the CDC, over 20 percent of adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain. Kratom strains serve as an alternative to conventional pain medication, and many people prefer kratom due to its organic content. The Southeast Asian tribes commonly use kratom in traditional medicine as a pain reliever. Although nearly all kratom strains have pain-relieving potential, some are more effective for providing pain relief than others.  


How to choose a suitable kratom strain for pain relief  

Although kratom strains work for different health needs, they are similar in many ways. Knowing how to choose a suitable kratom strain for pain relief can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a decent work-life balance. Here are factors to consider when choosing the right kratom strain for pain relief: 

The amount of pain you are in  

Kratom strains with a reputation for providing pain relief are usually best for relieving chronic pain. Thus, other lab tested kratom capsules can be used for pain relief, albeit mild pain. If the pain you are feeling is benign, most kratom strains can relieve your pain. However, if you are going through severe pain, you may dig deeper into more specific kratom strains for pain relief. 


Other medical issues you may have  

Before you buy kratom for pain relief, consider your health condition. People with certain health conditions are usually on medication to manage their health. Consuming kratom while on other medications can be dangerous to health. Therefore, if you are taking medication for an illness, you may need to see your doctor or caregiver for advice on taking kratom while you are on other medicines. Only take kratom for pain relief if your doctor gives you the “green light.” 

Buying from a regulated kratom merchant  

The kratom business is a relatively young industry with limited regulations due to its legal status in many regions. Yet, there are non-governmental organizations devoted to regulating the kratom industry. They aim to provide a safe market where kratom merchants sell lab-tested kratom capsules, tinctures, and powder.  

Regulating the kratom business also makes kratom merchants accountable for their products. In the United States, the American Kratom Association (AKA) is the premier regulatory body for the kratom industry. The AKA has guidelines for kratom merchants to ensure they run their business by the law. Look for a regulated kratom merchant before you select your preferred kratom for pain relief. 

Your lifestyle 
Due to the different ways the effects of kratom can kick in, consider your lifestyle before choosing one for pain relief. Some kratom strains have more sedative effects than others, while some can cause drowsiness. The way you schedule your routine, your working hours, and the nature of your profession is vital to choosing a suitable kratom strain for pain relief. 
For instance, if you are a bus driver, you want to avoid kratom strains that cause drowsiness, especially during the day. Likewise, if you are an athlete or have an active lifestyle, you may need to be careful of kratom strains with high sedative properties.  

Special health conditions 

While kratom strains can provide remedies for various health conditions, they may not be suitable for some health conditions. For instance, pregnant women are advised to stay away from kratom strains. Using kratom can cause withdrawals in infants. Even the best kratom strains for pain relief can be dangerous for some unique health conditions. You may consult your doctor for advice on how to take kratom for various health conditions.

Read product reviews 

Product reviews help make sure that a customer knows what to expect from a product before buying it. These reviews are comments by those who purchased the product and have firsthand experience using it. By checking product reviews, you may find information on the effectiveness, taste, and quality of the kratom strains you want to buy.  

Best kratom strains for chronic pain 

Here are some of the most potent pain-relieving kratom strains you can choose from: 

  • Red Vein Bali. This kratom strain is one of the most popular herbs for pain relief. It has a robust and unique smell and is perhaps the most potent kratom strain. According to consumers of this herb, it can bring a relaxing and soothing effect. Red Vein Bali is rich in alkaloids, including 9-hydroxy corynantheidine, speciogynine, and mitragynine. This herb can also improve sleep and can be cultivated throughout the year. 
  • Maeng Da Kratom. Also known as Maeng Da Thai Kratom, this kratom strain is commonly used by laborers in Southeast Asian communities to relieve backache and joint pain. It can also be effective for providing energy for physical exertion. Maeng Da is a relatively high-maintenance plant as its quality depends on how much care it gets during cultivation. This herb can also be in tincture, capsules, and powdered forms. Besides pain relief, Maeng Da can be effective for boosting alertness and uplifting moods. 
  • Red Borneo. Red Borneo kratom strains can produce euphoric effects upon consumption. However, they are not associated with drowsiness or a lack of focus. Red Borneo is usually more affordable than other kratom strains and is popular in the US. It can also be effective for relieving pain and improving moods. Red Borneo can be highly potent; beginners should only take small doses of the herb.


Although still not an approved supplement, kratom users attest to the many health benefits of the herb. From mood elevation to pain relief, kratom can improve health in many ways. Consider your lifestyle, health condition, and read product reviews before choosing the ideal kratom strain. Finally, if you are on medication, consult your doctor before taking kratom for pain relief. 

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