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How to Claim for Compensation for Dog Bite Injury

Being confronted by a dog can be a traumatizing encounter. You may suffer long-lasting injuries and live with the scars afterward as a result of the bites. You should hire an expert dog bite injury lawyer for any physical and psychological pain to help make things right. You are eligible to file a dog bite claim if the incident was not your fault. Here is the procedure of filing a claim to get compensated for a dog bite injury.

Filing the Claim

When filing a dog bite claim, there are obvious things you must know. First, the accident must have happened not more than three years ago. You will also need proof that it was due to another person’s negligence and that the attack caused the injuries. If your case involves these three things, then you are eligible to file a claim. When you call the lawyer, make sure you provide the name and address of the owner, the police details, and information on whether the dog owner has insurance. Reporting the incident to the police ensures the right measures are taken so that the dog does not bite another person.

The Process of Claiming for Compensation

 When a dog bites another person, the owner is accountable for the damages and injuries incurred. This means that the owner, whether an individual or company, will pay the victim for the harm caused by the dog. Some of the damages to be covered include medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, property damage, and punitive damages. Here is how you get compensated for each of these damages.

Medical Bills

This is the obvious expense you are likely to get compensated for. When bitten by a dog, you will need to seek immediate medical attention. The hospital bills for treatment, medication therapy, and other expenses will need to be covered. The common law is that when you hurt a person, you are liable for any other injury that will come from the course of the incident. So, when filing the claim, you will need medical records to show the expenses you underwent.

Loss of Income

If you have to take time off work or lose employment after the injury, the dog owner will reimburse you for the lost income. However, you will need proof of this. If the injury impairs you such that it affects your future income, the owner will compensate you for the future income too.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering entail both emotional and physical aspects. If you have suffered emotional distress after the accident, you can get compensated for that. You may develop a fear of dogs, insomnia, shock, anxiety, and even depression. Other victims develop PTSD. Even if calculating compensation for pain and suffering is difficult, you may also get awarded and get a settlement.

The Takeaway!

When filing a claim for compensation after a dog bite, it is crucial to have an experienced dog bite lawyer by your side. The lawyer will help you find incredible evidence that you suffered after the dog bite. Remember, you need a large amount of proof to show the dog owner is at fault to get compensated.

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