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We can witness many things in this digital world that were assumed impossible by human beings many years ago. Yes, it is all done by data engineering and data science. Driverless cars, today’s voice assistants (Alexa and Siri), Google map services, infinite data storage, the oldest and newest collection of world records, etc are a few examples of advanced data engineering that have completely changed our lives. Several data engineering organizations are hiring data engineering services as it utilizes Data science more productively. 


We are living in a world where a huge amount of data is generated on a daily basis and this data in our day-to-day life surrounds us. So data engineering is very useful in very real-time applications such as transportation, data storage, web applications, etc. Data engineering is helpful in solving complex business problems. It allows organizations to effectively and efficiently collect data from various sources. It also enables companies to answer questions about the business. So data engineering is gaining more popularity day by day as it can unlock data science and analytics in an organization, and also it can create well-curated, accessible data foundations. It leads to the high demand for data engineers. So many candidates are seeking data engineer certification courses to land a career in this domain and become successful data engineers. 

This article is all about becoming a data engineer in Bangalore in the easiest way. 

What is Data Engineering?

We know that there is a huge amount of data generated in every organization and they need the right people and technology to ensure the data is in a highly usable state by the time it reaches the data scientist and analysts. Data engineering is known as a practice that involves designing, managing, and optimizing the flow of data with those databases throughout the organization. It is a vast sector with applications in just about every industry. 


It is predicted that by the year 2025, there will be around 463 exabytes per day produced per day. So data engineers might have golden opportunities to make a tangible difference in the data world. Therefore, machine learning and deep learning sectors require the help of data engineers to succeed in processing and channeling the data. 


Here data engineers are the professionals who collect, manage and convert raw data to find insights and get meaningful information for business analysts and data scientists to interpret. These engineers are also known as IT professionals who prepare data for analytical or operational uses. They create pipelines that transform and transport data into a format wherein it reaches the users and data scientists at a highly usable state. 

How to Become a Data Engineer?

Data engineers play a key role in creating reservoirs for data and managing them. Their main job role is to develop, create, test, and maintain data-storing architecture such as databases and large-scale data processing systems. Let us have a look at how one can become a data engineer in Bangalore by following some of the crucial steps. 

  • Earn Fundamental Academic Qualifications- To start any career, it requires basic educational background, so is for data engineering. At first, it is necessary to earn a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as science, mathematics, or any data-related degree. If you are learning software engineering, it can help you learn basic concepts of programming that are helpful to get an entry-level job in this domain. Taking projects are also crucial steps for real-world experience that are helpful in creating a diverse portfolio for better opportunities. 


  • Master Other Relevant Skills- Besides basic education, data engineers must learn and master some other relevant skills like programming languages, big data skills, and databases. Here they can start with SQL, which is necessary as most data is stored in relational database systems. They should also learn other programming languages like R, Python, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, etc. Learning how to model data, database architectures, creating data pipelines, working with less structured data, and data mining is also required to be learned. 


  • Opt For Other Certification courses- To level up your skills, or stay ahead of your competitors you can also pursue additional courses or certifications. It can help you advance your career in data engineering. Master’s degree in data engineering or any specialized certification course related to scripting, automation, kafka, java, distributed systems, Tableau, etc are some of the important skills that help become a successful data engineer. Certifications from Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Cloudera can boost your specific skills. So these additional certifications help employers recognize the acronym on your resume. 


  • Earn master’s Degree- You can earn a master’s degree in computer engineering or computer science degree, applied mathematics, physics, or related field to expand your knowledge and start working as a data engineer or a data scientist. 


  • Master your Programming skills- To master your data engineering job, it is crucial to learn two major technologies, Scala and Python. It can help you create good software by gaining hands-on experience with data engineering tools. There are a lot of online courses offering certifications in these programming languages, which are usually tool-specific. Several employers demand sound knowledge of Java, C++, Scala, and Python for their data engineers’ job roles. 

  • Try to Get an Entry-Level Engineering job-  To learn data engineering deeply, you can start with your entry-level job that may not involve engineering but can be related to the IT field. It can help you approach data organization challenges through valuable insights. It can also help you think creatively and gain an understanding of industry functions, data collection, analysis, and utilization processes. 


So these are the important steps to start learning Data Engineering. To learn it in Bangalore, You can join or Opt for certification courses of many reputed providers and universities such as The University of London, University of California, Berkeley, Southern Methodist University, University of Denver, Syracuse University, etc. They provide online certification courses for data engineering to kick start a career in this drastic domain. 

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