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What are the kinds of things that could change your life for the better? Most people would think of a new job, traveling to a different country, or even just getting a sharp haircut that perfectly expresses their personality. Big or small, all kinds of things can change your outlook on life so that at some point, you look back and think “that was the time before such-and-such happened”. 

Unless you already have all the friends you could possibly want, making new, genuine connections with people is another thing that could change your life. Unfortunately, this has become trickier than ever in the last year or so, but random video chatting could restore balance to your friendship needs. With Chatrandom you can actually connect with the people you meet through video chats, you could put some pep back in your social life – and have a great time doing it!

How can you make this happen, though? While you could hop onto a random video chat site and start meeting people, you’d probably get better results if you acquainted yourself with some basic tips first. Those will come later – first, here are some of the benefits you could experience once you’ve started video chatting.

You won’t have to be alone if you don’t want to be.

Any given random video chat site has thousands of users online around the clock. Not just night owls, but people from all different time zones log in to see what’s up. Regardless of how many friends you have, or what time of day (or night) it is, you can start video chatting to talk about whatever’s on your mind. Even if not everyone is in the mood to talk things over with you, there are thousands of other potential matches – just flip through your options until you find what you’re looking for. Use random video chats to share a personal victory, complain about a situation at work, or just to have someone to keep you company while you work on a DIY project. 

You can work on reducing your social awkwardness in a low-pressure environment.

It’s like physical therapy for your anti-social tendencies. Instead of trying to train yourself out of social hang-ups while you’re in the moment and possibly feeling overwhelmed, random video chatting gives you a chance to practice without the usual pressures. In fact, it gives you loads of chances – if you feel like a particular interaction is going down the tubes, just load the next chat and start over with a clean slate. 

You can add variety to your routine.

Variety is the spice of life, right? If your life has seemed a bit bland lately, random video chats can add some flavor back into it. Sprinkle, shake, or pour – it’s your choice how often you video chat, and there will always be new people waiting for you to talk to them. 

One feature of random video chat sites that doesn’t get enough credit is how many countries their users are from. This will be different for every video chat website, but most major sites will have users from at least a few dozen countries. Not only will you get to video chat with all kinds of interesting people, but you’ll meet individuals from all over the world. 

Now it’s time for some practical advice on how you can get these benefits.

Random video chatting doesn’t really come with a guidebook, so it can be hard to know what to do at first. If you just join a video chat and wait for something to happen, that means it’s up to the other person to turn the chat into something interesting…and that isn’t always a safe bet. In this situation, they would probably either leave to find a more engaging chat partner, or just hang onto the chat because they didn’t really care what happened. 

Instead of just waiting for the algorithm to throw interesting people at you, try making the video chats interesting yourself – you’d be surprised at how often that works. A lot of people might not have any specific ideas, but they’d be more than happy to go along with whatever you come up with. 

Suggest a game, talk about hobbies, or plan a fantasy vacation.

Assuming you’re following the site’s user policies, your only concern is to talk about something that’s also engaging for your chat partner. Unless you have a specific topic on your mind, you could kickstart a video chat by asking if they want to play a game (that you decided on beforehand). Not Monopoly or checkers; there are plenty of well-known games that are actually perfect for video chatting. Games like “20 questions” or “two truths and a lie” are easy to pick up if they don’t already know the rules, and you’ll be able to learn more about each other in the process. 

That’s just one example of what you could do. Again, as long as the topic is of general interest, anything goes. Just think of a few things before starting the video chats, so you can jump right into the fun part once you’re online. 

If there’s something in particular that you really want to talk about, find someone who’s willing to listen.

The people on random video chat sites are usually there for a good time, but a lot of them don’t mind simply listening if there’s something you need to get off your chest. Instead of just starting your spiel and hoping your chat partner doesn’t leave, start off each chat by asking if they would listen to you. If they say yes, great; if not, try more chats until you find the right one. 

How do you think video chats could improve your life?

Everyone has their own viewpoints and unique personalities. Even if you already feel like your life is pretty great, random video chatting can offer the kind of perspective that’s hard to get from anywhere else.

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