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Apple TV+ is a streaming service that features Apple Originals — award-winning dramas, thrilling series, and documentaries that are groundbreaking, as well as kids’ entertainment, comedies, and more. There are fresh Apple Originals added every month.

How do I stream it?

Enjoy Apple TV+ via your Apple TV app that is already available present on your preferred Apple devices. Simply open the app, open it, or click Apple TV+, and watch your favorite shows and films. You can also stream Apple TV+ on streaming platforms and popular smart TVs and TVs that support AirPlay with an Apple TV app — or stream on the internet on

What is the cost?

It all depends on the option you pick.

  • When you purchase the Apple product, Apple TV+ is included for free for three months.
  • Monthly subscriptions cost just $4.99 per month, after seven days of a no-cost trial.
  • Apple TV+ is available in Apple One that includes up to five other Apple services into one monthly plan. Apple One plans start at $14.95 per month.
  • This Apple Music Student Plan comes with a no-cost subscription for Apple TV+.Friday night Baseball is available for a limited period and An Apple TV+ subscription is not needed.

Do I have to share my family?

Of course. Apple TV+ lets you use the service with five members of your family.

Are commercials on TV? Can I stream on demand?

Apple Originals are never commercially-free. Certain shows release all their episodes simultaneously. Other shows release weekly episodes. Then, you can watch the shows on-demand anytime, anyplace. Friday Night Baseball may include commercials according to the region or location.

Do I really need I have to buy an Apple TV 4K?

You don’t. Although Apple TV 4K comes with the 4K HDR technology as well as Dolby Atmos sound is the most effective method to enjoy Apple TV+, the original series and films that are available through Apple TV+ are always accessible via your Apple TV application on the devices you love. Also Check: Little Alchemy

Do I have to download to stream offline?

Absolutely. Download your favorite Apple Originals onto your Apple device and stream them any time, anywhere without having a Wi-Fi connection.

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