Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

If you own commercial property, you want tenants to feel safe and secure when renting space. When these features are missing, they’re more likely to move. With high security, they see that you take safety seriously and appreciate the support. Also, they’re less likely to experience embarrassing break-ins and other events. Here are some ideas to boost the security of your commercial property.

Steel Doors

Naturally, the easiest access point for most criminals is steel doors. If you want to enhance security, one of the best things that you can do is look for steel doors in Melbourne. With modern designs, steel doors will keep unwanted visitors at bay. In fact, many criminals will see that the property has steel doors and simply walk away. Steel doors offer the following benefits:


  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Energy efficiency (keep heat inside!)
  • Low maintenance

Cameras and Lighting

Once again, keeping commercial property secure is all about making it unattractive to potential criminals. If you have an advanced camera system, criminals will want to keep away. If the worst happens and somebody gets into the facility, you can access the camera footage and resolve the case. If the tenant experiences a burglary, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that you don’t have any cameras to help them.


As well as cameras, consider lighting because this also makes a difference. With lighting around the property, you won’t get criminals lurking in the shadows. With motion-activated lighting, you don’t need to waste energy or increase bills for your tenants. Instead, the lighting activates whenever motion is detected, and you keep the building secure.

Security Assessments

The commercial property might seem secure to you, but what about a professional? These days, you can get professionals to visit the property and carry out a security assessment. As the name suggests, this will see them assess the property for vulnerabilities and other potential problems. If there’s a weakness in the property, the professionals will not only spot it but also suggest potential fixes to improve security.


As before, you show tenants that you take security seriously and are always evolving to keep the property secure. While some property owners don’t want to disrupt their tenants, a security assessment is something that all tenants will appreciate.


Touchless Security Systems


Wherever possible, you should also consider touchless security systems. There are two reasons for this: the first being security and the second being the pandemic. In the modern environment, tenants don’t want their employees to have to engage with traditional security systems. You can limit the spread of COVID by introducing security systems that react to fobs, key cards, facial recognition, or even mobile devices.



As the commercial property owner, you can also talk to tenants about training so that you keep risk to a minimum. As an example, you’ll want to promote good habits for all those inside the building. What does this mean? Not leaving security doors open for any reason, reporting problems (such as issues with motion-activated lighting), and practising good security when the building is not occupied. With good training, you can trust the tenants to take positive steps rather than having to constantly watch over their shoulders.


With these simple steps, you can improve the security of your commercial property not only for your peace of mind but also for all tenants inside the property. Although you own the property, your tenants are the ones to use it every day. With strong security, they will feel safe!

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