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Loaded with action and adventure, Hollow Dark night is among the most widely used game titles worldwide. The sport requires you to definitely control a bug-like dark night and employ spells and weapons to defeat effective bosses. A particular boss known as Nosk might be more challenging defeat. He’s a shapeshifting animal with several effective attacks who are able to take lower an unprepared dark night within a few minutes. However, while using right strategy and combat method makes defeating him really simple. Read our guide on Hollow Dark night- How you can Defeat Nosk to get the best technique to send this demon to Hell.


How to locate Nosk in Hollow Dark night?

Before discussing the fight strategy, let’s talk on how to find Nosk in Hollow Dark night.

To locate this boss, you will have to visit his lair which is situated in the greatest area of the Greatest. Stick to the steps given below to come across Nosk.


Visit the Hot Spring present around the West of Tram within the Deepnest.

Locate the area having a wall around the left side from the Hot Spring and break the wall.

You’ll place Grub behind the damaged wall. When you cope with the Grub, you will notice another wall that you need to break.

Behind the wall are tunnels that will give you to Nosk’s lair. When you achieve the final tunnel, several barriers of organic matter will close and Nosk can look. He’ll undergo a grotesque transformation and start the fight.


Nosk’s Attack Pattern

You’ve got to be familiarized with Nosk’s attack patterns to defeat him. He’s only four different move sets and that he shifts together during fight. They’ve been pointed out lower below.

o          Charge- Nosk chases lower the Dark night by quickly running behind him. He moment the entire arena in this attack and doesn’t stop despite striking the Dark night.

o          Leap- Nosk traverses the world by bouncing 1-3 occasions around it. He makes use of this attack to focus on the Dark night and leap on him.

o          Eruption- Nosk runs towards the middle of the world and ejects several blobs of infection. He spews two at its ft together with eight at his right and eight at his left. When the blobs hit the floor, they linger for half another. After spewing the blobs, Nosk uses his charge attack immediately to consider lower the Dark night.

o          Rain- Nosk disappears by bouncing in to the ceiling. Then, he rains lower blobs of infections in the Dark night. This attack can last for 6.5 seconds with a brand new blob raining lower every half second. When the attack is finished, Nosk comes lower in the ceiling and uses other attacks to manage harm to players.


How you can Defeat Nosk?

Nosk moves round the screen pretty fast and also changes his location. This will make staying away from him quite difficult. However, you are able to avoid his moves and know how and when to fight him by using the guidelines and methods given lower below.

Steer clear of the Billed attacks by jumping upwards. Alternatively, you may also make use of the Shade Clock which can make you safe from these attacks. We advise pairing the Sharp Shadow Charm using the Shade Clock to cause damage upon Nosk by dashing through him.


You may also make use of the Shade Cloak to prevent the leap attacks. Each time that Nosk attempts to find you, this cloak can make the attack ineffective by activating an invisibility frame surrounding you.

There’s two spaces in Nosk’s lair where he can’t achieve you. They’re located from the left and right walls from the middle platform. Immediately visit these spaces when Nosk starts his eruption attack. His blobs of infection is going to be not able hitting you here. Furthermore, his leap attacks won’t operate in both of these safe spaces too. However, these spots won’t have the ability to safeguard you against his rain and billed attacks.

The only method to steer clear of the rain attacks would be to anticipate in which the blobs will fall. This can be done by predicting Nosk’s location that is shown by a puff of dust around the ceiling.

Spells, Abilities, and Charms on Hollow Dark night- How you can Defeat Nosk


Players should prepare themselves for battling Nosk by getting the next Spells and talents.

o          Shade Cloak- This will help you to dash through Nosk without getting broken by his attacks.

o          Mothwing Cloak- This cloak can help you in staying away from billed attacks by providing you the opportunity to double jump.

o          Shade Soul- An very effective spell which will deal maximum harm to Nosk.

o          Abyss Shriek- Make use of this spell when you’re within the safe spaces through the middle platform to manage harm to Nosk.


Charms give players special abilities in Hollow Dark night. You will have the following charms to effectively defeat Nosk.

Sharp Shadow- This charm weaponizes the colour tone Clock to be able to cause damage upon Nosk while dashing through him.

o          Quick Slash- This increases players’ attack speed. Thus, you’ll be able to fight Nosk faster and maintain his fast pace.

o          Shaman Stone- Make use of this charm to maximise the effectiveness of your spells.

o          Quick Focus- When you get hit by Nosk, make use of this charm to heal rapidly.


Advantages of Hollow Dark night- How you can Defeat Nosk

Although Nosk is definitely an optional boss, we advise fighting him. Defeating him provides you with a Pale Ore that is needed to change your Nail making it more effective.

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