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History of Cast Iron Guttering

Period homes are beautiful, and many people aiming to buy a home on the higher end of the spectrum desire to be able to live in one.


Period properties will stand out in any environment with stunning oak beams throughout the ceilings, enormous wooden doors, and cast-iron guttering. Gutter Maintenance can assist homeowners who own such a property in keeping its original characteristics by offering cast iron gutter installation, repair, and maintenance. Our staff examine our service as well as the history of cast iron gutters.


First Usage of Cast Iron Gutters:

Gutters are important components in the drainage of water from numerous homes, and they were used during the Norman invasion in 1066 to drain bigger buildings like churches.

Cast iron gutters first appeared in the UK on buildings in 1709, when they were supplanted by cheap and accessible cast-iron saws.


The demise of Cast Iron Gutters:

Unfortunately, in the wake of World War Two, plastic guttering was replaced by inexpensive and quick cast iron manufacturing.



Although plastic gutters are popular among building firms, cast iron gutters offer a distinct look to houses of all ages, particularly those from a certain period.


Fortunately, our team at Gutter Maintenance is trained, experienced, and highly skilled in the repair and maintenance of cast iron guttering. We’re also competent at installing new cast iron guttering that is certain to give your property a sleek and elegant look, especially if it’s paired with appropriately designed double-glazing.


Benefits of cast iron guttering

There are several advantages to cast iron gutters, not just because they are extremely durable and attractive. Here are some more advantages of cast iron gutters:



The Victorian era was when cast iron gutters became widely used. As a result, they appear to be an obvious choice on older heritage and listed homes.


50-70-year life expectancy

Cast-iron gutters can last for up to 70 years if maintained and cared for properly, but some have lasted much longer. It all depends on how well they are kept.


Minimal maintenance

If you want your cast iron gutter to last, you’ll have to do some upkeep, but they are highly durable and don’t require much care, making them a very simple and hassle-free alternative.


Strong, robust and durable

Gutters made of cast iron are extremely durable and can endure any kind of weather. They are quite resistant to liquids that are hot, allowing them to function properly. You won’t have to worry about the cast iron gutters warping or fading in the sun, either.


If your cast iron guttering is damaged or you wish to keep the historic characteristics of your heritage property, do not hesitate to contact RainClear.

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